Sunday, September 29, 2013

a Holiday and my 30th Birthday Bash

Hello my friends! I have missed you so! I just have to firstly apologize for the halt in Skirt posts...a few unforeseen happenings have tied my hands. I was visiting family with Dave, my parents and little brother. They just left for home this morning and I'm staying on another week to see friends a spend some tome with my favourite people here in Pretoria.

So far this past week was crazy, awesome and went by way too fast! My Gran and I share birthdays and we usually held joined family parties(when we still lived here in Pretoria). This past Friday, my family organised a 30th Birthday surprise party for me(a week early). It was awesome! This was my very first surprise party! I was so overwhelmed, I started to cry. My Aunt Zelda and her daughter Zandienne, found my Pinterest board, My 30th Birthday Inspiration and organised decor and props for a photobooth, the works! My god-parents got most/all of the food and organised their back yard for an out door movie night... It was just so amazing! Thanks to my parents, friends and familie...and Dave! You guys made my 30th a most memorable day!

Love you all


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