Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love Typo

Dave and I don't get to big malls all that often, since we moved down to Hermanus. So we aren't as informed as we used to be about new shops and so on. So the other day we drove to Cape Town in search of a fridge. Our last stop was Canal Walk, the biggest mall (I think) in the Western Cape. Now, we've been there a few times but this time we found Typo! Oh I thought I was in Heaven! All the goodies that I always only see on the net was right there in that shoppy!

 -it caught my eye as we were walking by, it looked like exactly my kind of shop. so I dragged Dave in there with me and he ended up enjoying it 'almost' more than I did! Hats off to the creative brains behind the shop layout and design, I thought the type writers hanging from the ceiling was a nice awesome touch-
 -man! this place is filled with fancy and funny greeting cards, stationery, cups, name it!
if is geeky, modern or just plain awesome, they've got it.. and Owls! did I mention they have OWLS?-

 -you can also test the pens to see which ones are better suited for your personal needs...
check out this test book! I know, my hand writing isn't very good-

-not only is this the most amazing shop I've been to in ages, they have staff to match! what an awesome bunch of people... I can't wait to go back there! We went home buzzing about this place.
I joined their facebook page and browsed their online shop on Cotton On when we got home that day-

~ love ~


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ostrich Egg Frittata

Okay, I know this sounds totally weird... They were selling Ostrich eggs at the Fruit&Veg in George, where my brother and his family stay. He thought "how awesome, let's try this!" or something like that... So he bought one for them and one for my parents. They brought it with then on their visit to Hermanus and told my dad that he had to make it, you can't waste food! My dad was a bit skeptic at first but when my brother and the lot left for home, he made scrambled Ostrich egg. Only there was so much that after making a full pan of scrambled egg, there was still a whole liter left. Yip, you guessed it, they gave it to us! 

 -now I've never had Ostrich egg before, needless to say I was a bit weary of the thought
of eating it... but I'd been wanting to make frittata ever since my Aunt Zelda's visit over the holidays.
she made the most delicious frittata's!

I used:
-half a liter of Ostrich egg scramble mix
-roughly chopped mushrooms
-diced bacon bits
-grated white cheddar
-parsley to garnish
pour into muffin pan (sprayed with "spray&cook") 
and then baked at a temperature of 190 degrees Celcius for about 25 minutes.

...and to my surprise, it was quite good. Dave loved it!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit Love: Navy and White

When I go out shopping I don't buy specific brands, I buy what catches my eye and suites my needs. This means I get my stuff from interesting places, places that most people won't be caught dead in. If I think about it, I'm quite the opportunistic buyer. Somehow Navy& White have made their way into my closet. I should have seen it coming, though. When I just started studying Textile design back in 2004, my Grandmother (on my mom's side) gave me a navy flair skirt with white polka dots. She had worn in when she was much younger. Man, how I love that skirt! I still have it today, I don't wear it as much now because the elastic has disintegrated. Any hooo... ever since then little pieces of navy have sneaked into my closet and are slowly busy taking over.    

 -these pieces have been collected over the past three years, the skirt is the most recent-

Navy Blazer ~ Mr. Price
Stripey Tank ~ Mr.Price
Lace Skirt ~ Cherokee from our local Pick'n'Pay clothing store
Navy Peep-toes ~ from our local Pep stores

-who would ever have thought you'd get shoes this lovely at Pep stores? they remind me of a
pair of shoes my mom had when she was my age and they do have a bit of a retro vibe, don't they?-

~I love it when an outfit comes together~


Friday, February 22, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #7

A very quick browse through our local Animal Welfare and I came home with this really lovely crochet blanket. I was just about to throw it in the was when I realized it was damaged. So I decided to trow it over the bed to inspect the extent of the damage... it was quite bad. A was would have been disastrous!

 -this poor blanky has been through quite an ordeal with what looks like a burn-hole and on other places someone tried to fix it, but not very successfully-
-so what I started doing, is to unravel the poor dear, take out the un-fixable blocks and put it back together again. Just like Humpty Dumpty, only I'm sure this one will have a happy ending-


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clearing space ...and my head

As most of you probably know, when you move house, you tend to sort things out and get rid of stuff you don't use anymore. Well, I have been sorting and when I packed out my boxes I found that I had accumulated a collection of yellow glass. I had found these at antique and charity shops all over Pretoria(when we used to live there) and a few pieces are from the local charity shops here in Hermanus. As Dave and I want to start clean and I've grown tired of warm colours in the house, I decided that this collection needs to move on. So if you're ever in the Hermanus area and love thrift shopping, visit Matchbox where you'll find my yellow glass collection for sale. You might have to hurry though, the stock in this little shop moves fast!

   -some of these are vintage, some Italian glass and some new-
-I do hope they find lovely homes where they are appreciated-


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outfit Love: Archive #4

Oh happy day! We now have an internet connection! Now I can get back to daily posting:) I haven't had the time to do a current Outfit Love post so here is another Archival Outfit. This was the very first time I wore this dress. I found it in one of my beloved local charity shops, I can't quite remember which one, as it was 3 years ago. I still have it and should really wear it more often. It seems to be a 1960's dress with pussy-bow detail and the belt is covered in the same fabric as the dress which is just adorable!
 -the silver heart locket from Silver Planet, was an anniversary gift from Dave for our third year of dating.
-the waterfall vest I got from Mr.Price, it has lovely lace detail on the back.
-my Vintage Dress was hand made by some vintage lady with killer sewing skills!

-my lovely beaded bow clip was given to me by my lovely Korean sister-in-law, Yuseon-
-at some stage I wore this clip every other day so I thought I'd give it a bit of a break when it started to become a bit fragile. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #6

There is nothing better than finding a "lucky packet" at one of my favourite thrift stores! I went into Matchbox the other day and found this baggy filled with awesome vintage fabric stuffies!

-half finished projects and lovely bit of vintage fabric. Such prettiness, these will make for the cutest gifts, maybe pincushions or brooches with the small bits. The tea cosy inners could make nice handbag linings-


Love is all around

Yesterday morning Dave woke me with a big bush of flowers and a lovely little gift bag filled with goodies. After work, we took our picnic basket and drove to "Brekfis Baai" (it translates to: Breakfast Bay), a small isolated beach in Vermont, Hermanus. We walked the nature path down to the rocks and found a nice spot to sit. In our picnic basket I packed Marsh Mallow Sunday soda's, a Sushi platter for two and Vanilla yogurt with Turkish Delight pieces for dessert. It was a bit tricky to sit and eat sushi with chopsticks and balance the platter on the rocks, but it was delicious!

  -we had the most beautiful scenery, clouds and sunset-

- everything was so yummy, the sushi was so fresh! Thanks to Dave,
this turned out to be such a wonderful day-

-when the sun went down and we started walking back to the car, we realized that we were trapped! Swarms of Sand Fleas were coming from the plants, the sand and everywhere you look. All of them heading towards the sea. It was like we were in some kind of sci-fi movie, we had to make a run for it. These things were all over that beach, I've never ever seen something quite like this before. It was freaky and disgusting-


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

take me back...

Sorry friends, no outfit post today. We're still waiting for our internet to be sorted and I can only get to a connection once, maybe twice a week. It's so frustrating and I feel so distanced from the world(you know, not being connected and all). Any-hoo... I do have some awesomeness to share with you!

The other day we went to Cape Town to look for a fridge, and found not a fridge but this amazingly retro 1950's style diner. We were walking around in Canal Walk (a shopping center in Cape Town), when my eye fell upon this little gem, named Joe's easy Diner.

 -We sat at the counter to get that "movie" atmosphere and then we ordered 'American style 
stacked pancakes' is was so yummy! ...they really did an awesome job with the layout and decor,
it makes you feel like you're playing the roll of an extra in one of the Back to the Future movies-

-The staff were all dressed-up in the appropriate gear and oh-so friendly. In the background you could
here the swinging music of the 50's, playing their happy tunes. 
As you can see we couldn't help but snap away. 
I joined them on facebook right away and we will definitely be going back!-



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