Friday, June 29, 2012

Our week in George: Day #3

This was a chill day at home. We woke up late, had coffee and rusks and then Yuseon told Paul to get their suit-case out of the garage. It was prezzy time! They'd packed a huge luggage bag full of gifts for their South African family (that includes me and Dave, yay). We also had quite a few gifts for them to take home but sadly the photo's I took of the handmade gifts were lost. I would very much have liked to share them with you:(  Any way, this is how the day started.  

-Dave designed Paul and Yuseon a very special book with photo's he took of them when we first met Yuseon about three and a half years ago (top two photo's). Then, what was a Borrat mustache, became a Freddy Mercury mustache when Paul put it on.... and then when we looked through the photo's later we saw "where's Waldo?". Waldo would be very jealous of  Paul's stripy shirt! The last pics of me (at the bottom here) are of the most amazing dress that Yuseon had bought me. She didn't even ask me what my size was and when I tried it on, it was a perfect fit! It's just beautiful, thanks you guys, for all our beautiful gifts-  
-I dubbed this battle "Rosemary River" because of the big Rosemary bush on the left there and when it rains the water is lead through this blue pipe into the bedding, making a river. Any way, Dave saw these little army men and was overcome with nostalgia. Missing his brother, he bought a pack and put it away until he would see his brother once again... and the outcome was war!-

 -time for Sunday Lunch, the South African way. Especially for Yuseon, Dave's Dad made roast lamb which cooked all day. It was delicious! Dave's Mom made all the veggies (also traditionally South African) of course, yummmmm! After lunch we went to the Botanical gardens to play a bit of cricket. I suck at sports. Dave's Mom, on the other hand, kicked ass!-


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recipe: Pull-apart-muffins

This super easy recipe for Sugar Cinnamon Pull Apart Muffins, I found on Pinterest and repinned it to my board Yum-Yums you can find the recipe here. They are just soooooo yummy! You have to try this! After your first one, you won't be able to stop yourself from stuffing your face with another and another until you realize that they are all gone... and then you would want to make some more and stuff your face all over again, hehe:)
-just look at them, they look so innocent-


I love We Celebrate & Nomilk Today!

Yay, I won! I had completely forgotten about this giveaway over at We Celebrate, sponsored by Nomilk Today. I was on facebook a few weeks ago when I got a friend request from Maria Nogueira, so I checked out her profile and recognized her from her blog so I accepted the request. The next moment I got the notification on my BB, I had won the giveaway! Thanx Maria, you Rock! So, living on South Africa I'm always dreading the fact that my mail gets lost in transit, but not this time. I'm so happy to say that my parcel arrived safely and that I am now the proud owner of a Nomilk Today ring. It's so pretty and it's my favourite colours too<3
-a big thank you to We Celebrate and to Nomilk Today for all your trouble in making sure I get my lovely prize (all the way from Greece, mind you), I will probably wear it every day-


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Bunny &Bunny!

You remember the vintage bunny my friend from Matchbox lent me, right? Well, after struggling and drinking lots of coffee, I finally did it! I had to correct the pattern a few times and I must say, I wasn't so sure it was going to work. 

After cutting out all the pieces, the hard work started. I wanted my vintage replica bunny to have that same vintage feel, so I did all the sewing by hand. What a job! It took forever, but when I finally finished, I was quite amazed at the creature staring back at me.

- well hello there my old and new bunny friends! Aren't you two handsome fellas?-
My replica bunny was made especially for my friend Adrienn as a gift for her unborn. When they learned they were expecting a boy, I thought that bunny needed a bow tie rather than a flower. Doesn't he look smart? I hope he will be the cause of many joyous memories in his new home<3


Outfit Love: Achives

Well, I found this lovely outfit photo that just had to be shared. We were invited to go to Dave's grandfather's 80th birthday last November and I really struggled to find something nice to wear. I went through every clothing shop in our little town... then I saw this lovely pair of floral trousers in a small local shoppy. This one item added to my wardrobe really expanded my outfit possibilities, it is quite versatile in that by adding accessories you can dress this outfit up or down. I really believe that you can do so much more with the clothes you already have if you add an interesting item which complements every other item you own.
  • Heart Brooch - My Dad brought it back from England when he was there on business
  • Birdcage Necklace - My favourite Skermunkil jewellery piece
  • Sheer Blouse - from Mr. P off course
  • Floral Trousers - From a small local shop here in Hermanus
- I will share the diversity of these trousers with you soon in future Outfit Loves, look out for those-


Monday, June 25, 2012

Recipe: Chai Banana Milk

So the other day I felt like something yummy but didn't have any yummy making ingredients. We had banana's though, and it reminded me of the banana milk we used to make when we were children. I couldn't remember much of what was supposed to go into it, so I made up my own recipe with an added extra and it was good! 
What you'll need:
  • 1 big banana
  • 1 cup of 2% low fat milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  • 1half a teaspoon of mixed spice
Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend till completely smooth. The above ingredients make one large serving. Top with extra mixed spice or cinnamon just for prettiness and enjoy!


Our week in George: Day #2

Hi-ya friends! What a strange month this has been. The first week I had fun in George, the second week I got sick, the third I got busy and then sick again. Now I'm starting to recover and I even know what day it is again. So to catch-up with you guys, I've decided to do a double header this week. This means that I will be doing two posts per day this whole week. I hope you're ready for some fun...

-this day we drove out to Mossel Bay, enjoyed the beautiful scenery while the boys played a bit of Rugby on the beach and a strange old man spent the day with his Dachshund-

-we drove a bit further where we stopped at another beach to enjoy the calm of the waves, the gathering Kelp Gulls and the way the earth became darker and all the electric lights started flickering across the waters. We then ended the night with the most delicious dinner at a restaurant which name I have now forgotten but will post as soon as I remember, cause it was great!-


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our week in George: Day #1

Well hello... I'm back from a quick holiday in George, Western Cape. We spent the week at Dave's parents place. Dave's brother, Paul, and his wife, Yuseon, came to visit there all the way from South Korea. We haven't seen these two lovely people in three and a half years! Isn't that crazy! Any-hoo, we were on quite a tight schedule that Dave's dad worked out for us. The first day we spent walking the amazing nature trail at Herolds Bay, wow! What a view and to be surrounded by utmost beauty!

-someone had cemented this heart(above) onto a rock, right on the edge of the cliff-
 -there are the most beautiful houses around the Herolds Bay Beach area,
but these ones(above) really stood out-

-Yuseon made us Vietnamese spring rolls(as starter) and Korean Chicken(as main)
It was delish! I asked her to right down the recipe for me, so I will be making this dish soon-


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outfit Love: Bargain!

I could not believe my luck! I popped into Mr.P for looking for socks and found this awesome dress instead! It's a lovely 1940's-50's inspired dress with a 1990's inspired print on Viscose fabric. I love the the use of purple in this dress and the off-center twist detail, so cute! The best thing about this dress, though, is that it cost me only R29,95! Isn't that just crazy awesome?!
  • Purple Trench Coat - from Zoot, this is an amazing item in my wardrobe, it goes with almost everything, love it!
  • Ikat Tiger print Viscose dress - from Mr.P @ R29.95, the best bargain ever!
  • Black leggings - from Mr. P, a must in my wardrobe and oh so comfortable. 
This little number can be dressed up or down, it has quarter-sleeves so it can be worn on a cool summers day or early spring. The use of colour in the print makes it a very versatile little dress<3


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