Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome my Toady friend

For the past year and a half we've been hearing the strangest screeching noises outside of our lounge window. Thinking it might be the wind causing a tree branch to scratch against the window and then realizing that there is no wind and non of the plants in our front garden are anywhere near the windows... Having heard my grandmother's toad croak one night when he was hiding in her flower pot, I thought that it could just be. And I was right, our Toady friend had made an appearance once last year and then we never saw him again. So for a few nights I've been hearing those same screeching noises every night, then forgot about it. Then when David took Vicky out for her last walkies, I just heard him shouting for me to bring a flashlight. All I could get in the midst of panic was my cellphone... and there it was! On his way up the stairs for a visit, I suppose.

 -This lovely amphibian is known as the Raucous Toad-
-thanks for the visit, dear friend, come again soon-



  1. I love frogs and toads and I've never been bothered by the old wives tale that you'll get warts if you pick them up. So squishy!

    1. hey friend! I've been picking up frogs since I was a little girl and never got any warts! Frogs and toads are just so beautiful I can't leave them alone:) This one did not like to be picked up, though. He blew himself up and made funny noises. I did however trick him into walking straight onto my hand<3

  2. Awh, we also have a frog/toad that visits us. I don't know the difference :D


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