Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello October!

Well hello, October! It seems like yesterday that I went to Pretoria with my family to celebrate my 30th, my Gran's 69th and the birth of our good friends' son! This has been such a crazy year (and not in a good way) thank goodness October is here and things can only get better! This year, my mom and I are taking the bus up to see our family for all the birthdays and to celebrate my Gran's 70th! That's quite a big one! I simply cannot wait to see all my cousins and the family…It's been a year.

These lovely flowers grow wild in our area, along the coast, this time of year. I think it's a variant of the Namaqua Daisy. They're so amazing, when the sun goes down or even just when there is thick cloud cover, they close their petals up. When we were small, we used to say that they were sleeping and when the sun wakes them, they open up again.

- I snapped this pic on our Sunday afternoon walk about a week ago and thought it was perfect for October! You can download the free printable here
I hope you'll enjoy this freebie.

Have an awesome October!


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