Friday, December 3, 2010

Leef Magazine Heart Competition

I just got all my things ready to do this post when I realized that everything is in Afrikaans, as it was sent in to Leef (a local South African) magazine... So sorry for those of you who don't understand the language, it's basically just about my idea, materials and methods used.

Soft and hug-able 

The competition entries have been posted on the Leef website, so let your fingers do the talking and vote for me at  . You'll see a picture of my heart in galery3 keep your curser over the pic to see my name and leave a comment using my name as reference. 

Thanks for all your support

Hello Owly! Here You Are At Last!!!

In June I won a bundle of fabric from Haley's blog  thinkermaker . The reason I chose Bundle#1 was that each piece of fabric sent me on a trip down memory-lane and the pink one took me right back to when I was four... Oh, how I loved that room:)

I had told Hayley what I would make with each of the 3 pieces... The pink one's fate was to become a plushy Owl for my new niece, Leia. So I googled a few soft toys and owl images, made a photoshop-collage and started planning.

Off course I had to get some extra fabric to add to the look, and some coconut wood buttons for eyes...
After my planning and designing, I drew out a pattern on some old newspaper, cut the pattern out of the material and started the work! This project was my second ever sewing project, done with no help from experts. I was so surprised and delighted when Miss Owly was born, I didn't want to part with her.

I'm sure Little Lea will take good care of Miss Owly and that he will bring her great joy and make her some awesome memories... :) 

*Thank you, Hayley... If I hadn't won Bundle#1, I probably wouldn't have made Miss Owly.*

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