Friday, December 16, 2011

October flash back - Rivendell Grand opening

Dave was asked to document the Grand opening of Rivendell, the new Wine Estate and function Venue on the Road to Kleinmond. Being the Photographer's wife, I was invited to join him as a guest. It was so nice of them, I thought, and when we arrived at the Venue I quickly found that Niceness was part of their service. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and staff and met the equally friendly owners, Heimo and Maria Thalhammer. The evening turned out perfect. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully prepared. The selection of wine was amazing with fruity flavours that lingered and made you want more. I really enjoyed the night. Congratulations on a successful Grand opening, Rivendell!    

October Flash back - Our 4th Anniversary

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that we got married. 6 October, four years ago and we're still going strong! We wanted to go for a quiet, romantic picnic and ended up having a bit of a crap day...  We then decided to stop somewhere next to the road and make the best of things. 

In my Picnic basket I had yummy sarmies, Bigcorn bites (Dave's favourite), dessert and bubbly with pomegranate juice and fresh Strawberries. For dessert, I tried the cake in a jar thing, but didn't have time to bake. So I made trifle in a jar. Using Mulberry jelly, Raspberry instant pudding, Romany cream cookies, white Flake and fresh Strawberries. Sound good, doesn't it? Well, it was to die for! We stuffed our faces till the sun went down. the end it turned out pretty good! We even got to see a frog and help it out of the road.
Thanx for everything, my Lovey! Can't wait for our next anniversary!


October flash back - It's my Party!

4 October, again! The years are just piling on! But it was FUN! It was my 2nd birthday living at the coast. Last year it was freezing on my birthday, so we tackled the Mountain. This year we took to the beach! Grotto Beach is the most beautiful beach in Hermanus, it is also the biggest. You could walk for hours on the white sands. On a clear day you can even see Danger Point whilst sunbathing on this beach. So off we went with yummy snacks (thanx mom & dad) and delicious Strawberry Daiquiri's! Oh, okay.... it was cold this year also. Hence the jersey's, blankets and sherry:) 

Thanx to all who helped make my day Awesome.
...and a special thanx to my Dave!  


October flash back - Checkers Living Table

It was quite fun! The shows took place during the Hermanus Whale Festival, 28 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2011. As Checkers is one of the Festival sponsors, they really the deal on the table, so to speak. It was amazing to see the work of Errol Arendz and David Tlale right in front of my eyes! These are two very talented men, playing with bold textures and flowing lines to create unique fashion statements. Checkers' ribs were good but the wine was better and what made my day was that it was prepared by Nataniel! He is one of our country's most talented entertainer, among other things. He has a way to make the crowd feel comfortable and gets them to laugh till they cry! It was awesome to experience the Living Table! It made my Whale Festival a memorable one.

PS. Thanx to David Badenhorst Photography for the amazing photos!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a new face for my blog...yay!

At last! I've been wanting to personalize my blog for quite a while now. So today I made the time and I must say I'm qiute happy!

So the next thing I have to make time for is catching up on the past two months... so much has happened and I would love to share it all with you soon:)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pretty fabric hairpins:)

About a year ago I found a pattern on the net(can't find the link now) on how to make a fabric flower. It took some practice but here it is in Spring colours. The first picture below is of a hair-clip I made using the yo-yo pattern. The second picture below is of a hair-clip I made using the net pattern. The ribbon used is from Ebony&Ivory.

Some lovelies for your hair R85 each.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New hair!!!

Time for a change! I felt the need to get rid of my "winter" crop. As I  have been growing my hair for two years now and have grown quite tired of it. So today, with a snip-snip, it was gone....

 Hooray for my new, short, light and soft and shine hairstyle!

Friday, November 4, 2011

...I'm speachless...

The month of October is simply gone! I just cannot believe it! So much has happened in this past month and I really still want to blog about it... so if you'll bare with me just a little while longer, there is a very long post on it's way!
in the meanwhile, you can laugh at our photobooth session

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Would you like a Depeapa? Oh, yes I would!!!!

Ooooooh! I just love giveaways! Even If I never get anything....It's still pretty exiting! So hurry over to Angie's blog,  Lucky Pony to enter and win!

Depeapa is Verónica de Arriba's label. She makes and illustrates the most beautiful things! So, check out the giveaway at Lucky Pony, visit Depeapa's Etsy Store, pick which awesome piece of Depeapa you would love to show off with and do exactly as Angie tells you...

Below are only some Depeapa beauties!

This giveaway is open to everyone, local and international. Competition closes on the 31st of October. 

Good luck xxx

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The weather made me do it... very own typography art!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some lovely brooches for MishMash!

It's been a crazy past two weeks! I'll have to catch-up on all my posts... what else am I gonna do with all my photo's? Any who, among a whole lot of other things, I been making some pretty brooches for the shop:)

oooh-weee! I just love Spring! I'll post the other lovelies just as soon as their done:)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whale Festival Day1: The yarn bombing begins!

Since it's only me working on this project and time is of the essence, I came up with a "time-saving" plan. I recently started taking apart a blanket I had bought at our local charity shop, it looked like it had been chewed up in places. So I thought to fix it because it's quite big and so pretty... I then got this light-bulb-moment! I could use the motives of the blanket that I had already taken apart, crochet on to them and use them to bomb the age old Olive tree in front of the shop:)

mmm...'tis coming on quite well! These were taken Friday morning, I actually got a lot further by the end of the afternoon... will post more pics tomorrow!

Have an awesome weekend and if your in Hermanus for the Whale Festival, do come and have a look at my yarn-bombing and don't forget to say "hi"!   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

...more about yarn bombing!

In my previous post I told you about the exiting new project that I'm going to be a part of. Yarn bombing looks like so much fun and I love working with my hands. So I was thinking, as I have never done this before, maybe a practice run is in order. What would you say about yarn bombing a special place in your direct area? I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'll probably need some help and a bit of planning but I'll keep you posted on that (pun intended, hehehe).

So anyways, I found these...

Cape Town has been yarn bombed by graphic designer Isabeau Joubert on a number of occasions. Visit her blog IsaBeauPeep to see what she's been up to.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarn Bombing Project

The Ideas Magazine is hosting a yarn bombing project for their "wool house" at the HOMEMAKERS Expo next year. There are prizes to be won and afterwards everything will be donated to Charity. I'm just a sucker for projects like this one... Let the yarn-bombing begin!

So join me if you like... Have an awesome weekend!


Friday, September 16, 2011

In loving memory...

Milo past away in the early morning hours of the 13th. She had been with us for almost 11 years. We miss her very much:)

Vicky, on the left, is still with us. She has never spent a day without Milo before and is quite lonely. She even looks sad at times. Vicky searched for Milo the whole day after she had died. We've lost pets before, but this was just terrible and so unexpected! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Last week one of my new customers (Yvette) came into the shop and mentioned that she was hosting a High Tea with an Alice in Wonderland theme in aid of Camphill Farm (a comunity village for the disabled). The High Tea was held at her shop, Yves's Pudding and Pie, Hermanus. Yvette and her Mother worked until two in the morning to prepare for the High Tea and half of the proceeds for the day went to Camphill Farm. Some of the Camphill people attended the High Tea  in full costume as there was a prize for the best dressed and a lucky draw.

Here I am with my friend Venessa in the Scrapbooking shop Veronick's where she works. We had so much fun dressing up, I can't remember the last time I went to a dress-up anything! Venessa went as the White Rabbit and I went as the Mad Hatter. I still wanted to go crazy with accessories but we ran out of time... we had about five minutes to get dressed at Veronick's and went to straight Yves's Pudding and Pie from there. 

Yves's Pudding and Pie... everything was so pretty and so yummy! The Lucky Draw winner received an Alice in Wonderland cake and donated it to Camphill Farm. The 1st prize for the Best Dressed went to two playing cards (a mother and her son who looked like the playing cards from the Disney animation, Alice in Wonderland)

...and then Yvette took out another cake, turned to me and said "the 2nd prize for best dressed goes to you" pointing at me. I turned around to see who she was pointing at and then she started talking about MishMash and how I'm a new business owner in Hermanus... then I new she was pointing at me:) So I won this awesome Alice cake that Yves's mom baked and it was yum, and it is gone now but I've still got the little Alice. 

Thank you, Yvette, for all your hard work for an awesome day and for your caring heart.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Freezing Tuesday Attire:)

This morning I awoke with the rain pouring outside my window and I thought to myself, "Awesome! Now I can where the pure woolen skirt I thrifted two weeks ago!" What a beautiful skirt, it's woven in a tweed pattern and it is warm and oh so soft! So I dug in my cupboard and put some old time favourites together to make up this cozy outfit...

It was so nice and snug:)
  • Trench coat: a gift from my mother-in-law
  • Fair isle mohair over coat: knitted by my gran for my mom
  • Woolen skirt: Hospice shop

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prezzy for me? YAY!

I do apologize for the delayed post, as I have received my present a while back but just did not get to posting about it. Well, here it is..... thank you Amy Scheepers from Licid Dreams for the lovely prezzy. The jellies were yum, they've already been polished:)

Love my Owly! ...and my pretty jar ...and my anchor ...and my moustache!

It was awesome being a part of Present Project 2, thank you Angie


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello, MishMash! Where have you been all my life?

Ta-dah! Welcome to my little shoppy. My name is done at last, finished and up where it belongs and looks oh so pretty! happy-happy-happy:)

I would just like to thank David for making the name with his own hands, oom Joppie for the router work beneath the name, my Dad for always helping (and for all his advice) and last but not least, myself for designing it (hehehe)

It's still in working progress, getting shelving done, finding the right suppliers, and so on... but it's coming on nicely. Oh yes, another thanx to the three mentioned above for making my cloud-shelf:)
If you're in the Hermanus area, do show your face. MishMash is in the Victoria Square, behind the Pick'n'Pay.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Owlies...

My Friend, Irma, is really on a roll with spotting my feathered friends! She found me these flying owls, aren't they just adorable?!

 Quite different from the usual owls, which are all seated either from the front or the side. Although these seem to be brass plated pewter, they still have a certain charm to them:)  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Owls make me happy!

My friend, Irma is the owner of the cutest little secondhand shoppy (Matchbox) and when she heard that I like owls she started collecting them for me. Welcome to your new home, my pretties:)
 What a cutie! Little porcelain owly:) 
These are all from the late 80's to early 90's, in different shapes and sizes. Owls are such beautiful creatures, calm and mysterious... they make me so happy.

Mean! Mean! Mean!

How awful, that some mean-spirited troll could just walk up to these poor defenseless little pickets and kick them down:(  Who would do such a thing?!

It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach when I got to work and saw my pickets like this. So sad, we worked so hard to get it looking pretty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey Cherry! I got Lucky Packets!

Look at my pretties for my little shop! The pieces of my puzzle are starting to fall in place rather nicely now:) Keep watching this space to see what exiting things lie ahead...

 Just love these Lucky Packets made from vintage story books by Hey Cherry
So pretty, so awesome! They even cater for birthday parties...what a great table gift!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cough, cough, blegh... :(

This year the flu really got the better of me... I've been sick on and off for almost two months now. Just as I feel better... it hits me again with an even worse virus:(  It's soooo frustrating! I've got so much to do and as a result of being ill, I've had to postpone the opening of my shop.  

this song describes exactly how I feel, accept for the disappearing hairline...hehe:(

Thursday, July 7, 2011

pretty little things

a bamby, a bunny and 3 roses...from my favourite antique shop, Romantiques. This is an amazing place to spend your Saturday, when your in Hermanus:)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Warm and fuzzy...

Circular Loom Knitting! This is such an awesome gadget I found in Pretoria. It come in a pack of four different sizes (Elle circular looms). It works like the little wooden french knitters most of us had when we were kids, this is only bigger. Do any of you remember those? In Afrikaans we called it "tolletjie brei". Directly translated it would be "spool knitting" because back in the day, yarn spools were made of wood. They hit 4 nails in around the hole and there you had yourself a little french knitter. sorry I can't remember where I got this image.

Any case, I found this amazing wool called Monet and it looks just like a Monet painting. It's beautiful in colour and in texture and this is what I made....

It's such beautiful wool, it reminds me of one of my favourite  Monet paintings, Bathing at La Grenouillere, 1869. I just want to get lost in it. For more information on Claude Monet visit:


Saturday, July 2, 2011 the the army...

Oh my gosh! I've had an awful week, we moved last weekend and I'm still unpacking. Then I fell sick, again! I had just gotten over the flu a week ago and now I feel ten times worse. Anyway, this morning I couldn't get up (on account of all the meds making me sleepy), then I was awoken by a rather large package held in-front of my face. David went to the Post Office and my package had arrived!
It was the ceramic planes and army men that Angie sent me for my shop, whoohoooo! These little guys are awesome, thank you Angie! Unfortunately one man was injured in transit.  These awesome ceramics were handmade for the Toffie exhibition in March. Twenty-four different people were invited to design on top of twenty-four tables and the brief was to make something inspirational. Being among the twenty-four, this is what Angie and her husband Sean came up with.

Isn't it amazing! It's just so creative! Click on the image above to see in context.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They Came! Yay!!!

Welcome Gwen loves Harold! I've waited impatiently for you and then you arrived quicker than I expected! These beautiful handmade dolls are made by Nicky Page from Cape Town, She sells them at the Neighbourgoods Design tent at the Old biscuit mill and on her Etsy Shop . Gwen loves Harold has been in many magazines. The first time I saw one of these dolls I couldn't stop staring...they're just so beautiful!
Thank you Nicky! I really appreciate it:)

These girls are soooooo pretty, they will be very happy visiting in my shop before their new owners come to whisk them off to loving homes...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Circular Knitting is Da Bomb!

Well, a few years ago I walked into an Indian-owned wool and haberdashery shop to by wool. I cannot seem to keep my hands to my self when it comes to textures. I'm forever touching, feeling, squishing the wool and finished products in those shops and the particular scarf I was feeling that day was a knit with a difference. The Indian lady immediately told me about this circular needle and how she doesn't use any other needles. So of course I left there with a pair of circular needles that day. Now the only problem I had was that I wasn't much of a knitter and my needles ended up in one of my wool-bags. Upon moving to Hermanus I re-discovered my needles and decided to give it a try. This is my third try on these needles and I just started a new one.
 I wanted to make a simple Infinity scarf, so I cast stitches onto my needles until there was no more space left. I then turned the whole thing around and started knitting plain stitch all around and around until I felt my scarf was broad enough and then I started casting off. Worked in the loose ends and I had a scarf.
 pretty, soft, kid mohair and acrylic mix:)

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