Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello, MishMash! Where have you been all my life?

Ta-dah! Welcome to my little shoppy. My name is done at last, finished and up where it belongs and looks oh so pretty! happy-happy-happy:)

I would just like to thank David for making the name with his own hands, oom Joppie for the router work beneath the name, my Dad for always helping (and for all his advice) and last but not least, myself for designing it (hehehe)

It's still in working progress, getting shelving done, finding the right suppliers, and so on... but it's coming on nicely. Oh yes, another thanx to the three mentioned above for making my cloud-shelf:)
If you're in the Hermanus area, do show your face. MishMash is in the Victoria Square, behind the Pick'n'Pay.  


  1. It all looks gorgeous. Wish we could be there to check it out in person. We'll certainly be sending all our Cape Town friends to visit!

  2. Well done Chane' - you have dreams and I wish that all of them will come true! Look at YOUR shop! I'm proud of you!

  3. :))) SO beautiful!!!Wishing you all the best and for all your dreams to come true!Cant wait to see it:)

  4. This is wonderful! Fantastic Chane!

  5. Wish I could come take a bite of all that yummy looking eye candy!

  6. so so nice! wish i coudl see it n real life.


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