Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #9

What a Lucky girl am I?! I saw these on the net and fell in love... but as everything that ships to South Africa is too expensive to ship, one can mostly dream. Now to paint you a quick picture of my dilemma, we moved from the capitol of South Africa (Pretoria) to a small little holiday town called Hermanus. Our nearest decent mall is a 45min drive from where we stay and even this mall doesn't have all the shops that I used to spend hours in back in Pretoria. For instance, one of my ultimate favourites, Big Blue is about 2hours away from where we stay. Needless to say, I don't get to go there all to often. But, the last time we went, I found these awesome owlies! A great necessity for any owl lover's handbag!

-the lipgloss is Honey flavoured, they only had this one flavour, though. but I'm not complaining,
I love it! I carry them with me wherever I go-


Friday, March 22, 2013

...and the three lucky ladies ARE....

-thank you, for those who were able to enter. It seems my South African friends
are not as accustomed to the use of blogs and the internet as I thought-

So, ladies, You will be receiving an e-mail from me to get your "sending off" requirements
and you can expect your Lucky Packet soon. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love this package design

I'm not too big on popcorn, but I used to love Jumping Jack popcorn (a brand sold in South Africa). The other day we were buying some things for the weekend and had a sudden craving for Jumping Jack. Just as I reached out to grab a bag, my eyes fell on the most beautiful package design. There, next to the Jumping Jack was a whole rage of flavoured popcorn from a new brand called Hoppity Poppity! Wanting to just grab them all up, I thought, let me just have a look at what flavours they have... and that's when I found this particular one! And as Dave LOVES black pepper, Ijust had to take it.

-it was so good, the popcorn was fresh and very yummy! I told Dave I want to get one of
each flavour and after stuffing our faces with yummy popcorn I want to frame the empty
packets. I think it would make lovely kitchen wall art, don't you?-


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Outfit Love: Re-fashioned Vintage Skirt

One day I was doing my charity shop run and I found this awesome late 60's early 70's skirt. Looking at it I thought to myself, this looks like it used to be a dress. I smiled all the way home having found this skirt with it's beautiful bold pattern. About two weeks later, I went on my charity shop run again, and guess what? In a totally different shop, I saw the top part of the skirt I had bought. I was right, it was a dress! The top didn't look too good so I left it behind, but to me that was quite a funny moment. Someone had taken a vintage dress, re-fashioned it into a skirt and the dumped it. Might I add that the stitching on the skirt is very beautifully done. So, thank you to who ever threw out the beauty!

-I do apologize for the bad image quality, my little camera doesn't like low-light-


Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday Makings #5

Just thought I'd try my hand at cross stitch and enter a competition at the same time. Most of you (South African friends) have probably seen the latest Visi magazine I love DIY cover competition. Well I decided to enter at the last minute, I chose a rose pattern. I've recently developed a very strong craving for all things rose-related so it just made sense. I used only left over scrap- and reclaimed yarn for this project. As most of my projects are done with reclaimed material, I thought to keep in line with the reduce/re-use/re-cycle theme.

-so here's to the love of DIY-


Saturday, March 16, 2013

giveaway extended...yay!

It must be your lucky day! I have decided to extend the Birthday Giveaway till next Friday, as my week was just weird and I thought you guys would appreciate the fact that I would like to give you all the chance to enter. So you have another full week! Don't delay, enter NOW! Click here.
-have a great weekend-


Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #8

I don't know about you, but I love finding new things to eat. I don't mean like FearFactor style, just stepping away from the traditional South African usual's and trying something different. There's something about Chinese grocery stores that allures me. I just cannot seem to stay out of them, even if it is just to look at all the interesting stuff. It would probably be nicer if someone could explain to me what all the different food stuffs are and how they are to be used. Anyway, my favourite section in these stores are usually the "candy" sections. Which brings me to my awesome Find... Rice cakes with black bean paste! Wow! I love these little cakes! They're so light, yet rich, and squishy and yummy. I can't seem to get enough of them and what's more, Dave loves them too. YaY! I found these ones at the little chinese grocer at China Town, Cape Town.

  -ooooweeee, I need to get my hand on some more of these! yummmmm-


Thursday, March 14, 2013

a little birdy told me...

feeling a bit down. a bit lost. a bit... just a bit.

 -sometimes chocolate helps...and a sweet little message-


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good bye our dearest Vicky

Today a week ago Vicky passed away. I know she was only a dog, but she had been a part of our family for twelve years. It was bad enough when Milo died, but at least we still had Vicky. Our two Dachsies were really family! It's like some little part of me is missing, there's a little hole where they used to be. Strange how a person can get so used to a little animal. Small things, like expecting her bark when you come in the gate or saving your left over food for her and then realizing she's not there anymore. Well, Vicky and Milo, we miss you very much and can never forget you!

Vicky kind of adopted Dave and myself the past year. She would spend most of her time hiding out on our couch. That was after Dave taught her to use the pouf to get onto the couch. Whenever Vicky went missing, this is where we'd find her.

  -man, how she loved that couch!-


Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday OddOneOut!

I cannot believe that it has been three years! I started my blog when a very good friend of mine, Katinka Joubert(onesanesoul), advised me to do so as  an alternative to a website. It was then that I was introduced to the world of blogging. It was wonderful! Especially when we moved down to the Western Cape just four months after I started OddOneOut. My blog has allowed me to share all my makings and doings with my family and friends who are still living in Pretoria. 

Now, to thank all of you (my blog friends) for all your support and lovely comments... I will be giving away some awesome Lucky Packets! I've been doing a lot of sorting and throwing out and came across a bunch of tit-bits that I either thrifted, bought or made and no longer have use for. So I decided to make up these three Lucky Packets for you to grab up!

  All you have to do to win one of these Lucky Packets is:
  1. Join OddOneOut blog and leave a comment telling me which Lucky Packet you want the most!
  2. Like OddOneOut on facebook
  3. Follow OddOneOut on twitter
  4. Follow OddOneOut on pinterest
I will announce the three lucky winners on Friday 15 March 2013!
So get moving if you want to get one of these Lucky Packets in the mail...
Good Luck:-))


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Outfit Love: Aztec prints and an Owl

Wow! I'm super slow today! I've seem to be coming down with the flu or something, so yesterday Dave brought me some meds to help fight the bug before I really get sick. But now it's making me super lethargic! But non the less, here I am, doing my Outfit Love post. Just to share with you a few pretty items I found and to show off our beautiful surroundings.

NOTE TO SELF: next time tie hair up for photo's shot in crazy wind

~Nude button-up shirt: found at local thrift store
~My awesome antiqued bronze Owl necklace with enamel detail: from Mr. Price
~This Aztec print, high-low skirt is so lovely and flowing: from Ackermans
~Genuine Leather thong sandals: from Mr.Price

~ Oh how I have searched for an owl just like this one and there it was at Mr. Price, just waiting for me to take her home. And so I did! These photo's were taken at one of our favourite spots. It's called Sievers Point and it is such a lovely quiet place on the rocks with the most beautiful view of Walker Bay and Grotto Beach, Hermanus.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday Makings #4

What a lovely weekend! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine... On Friday I made the loveliest Owly doorstop. Satuday we went to the Design Indaba in Cape Town. I was so mesmerized that I clean forgot to take pictures:-( Sunday was a chilled day, we did all the little things that needed doing, had a visit from my brother Ruan, his wife Tricia, their daugters Erin and Leia and my youngest brother Andre'. A very full but woderful weekend! I almost forgot, I was busy doing a Happy Monday Makings post. Well, here it is...

 what you'll need:

~ an old interesting looking oven glove(I thrifted my from Matchbox)
~ fabric scraps
~ something heavy(I used a stone I picked up on the beach, as big as my palm)
~ fabric that matches you glove/mitten
~ matching thread
~ a big, sharp needle
~ scissors  
  1. Take your oven glove and make sure you can get your hand in all the way to the deepest part. This is important as we are going to stuff this baby and if you cannot get the stuffing in every nook and cranny, this wont work.
  2. See my glove's thumb has a tear, I stitched mine up roughly. Be sure to fix or patch any rips and tears neatly before continuing to step 5.
  3. Now tuck in your glove's thumb, this adds a little secret pocket for love notes, change or even spare keys.
  4. I know, i know... this step usually comes first. But just for interest sake and some sentiment, take a picture of any tags or labels of importance for future reference.    
5. Take your fabric scraps bit by bit and start by stuffing it as deep and firmly into the glove as you can until you only have a space left for your heavy object.

6. Wrap your heavy object in a piece of scrap fabric and place in the space mentioned above. Holding everything in place, I put my glove right way up, down on my matching fabric and traced the shape. Using your scissors, cut the shape out leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm. Cut little slits a bit more than halfway up the seam allowance right around your shape. Now fold the edge on the line you traced, tacking the seam as you go. I used crochet yarn for a visible stitch, adding to the handmade look of my glove. You can use a matching sewing thread if this doesn't suit your glove.

7. Using the same thread, sew your shape to the bottom of your glove. I sewed the two pieces together using a technique my grandmother showed me, I do not know what the stitch is called, though. You basically just insert the needle from the bottom of your shape, pull it out the top and going straight to your glove, inserting the needle from the bottom again. When you've completely sewn up your shape, end it off with a french-knot embroidery stitch. To hide the remainder of the thread, stick the needle in where you made the knot and pull it out at the furthest end you can trim off the end.

~ and there you have it! My very own Owly doorstop~
~lovely, isn't he? Happy Makings!~


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