Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Outfit Love: Aztec prints and an Owl

Wow! I'm super slow today! I've seem to be coming down with the flu or something, so yesterday Dave brought me some meds to help fight the bug before I really get sick. But now it's making me super lethargic! But non the less, here I am, doing my Outfit Love post. Just to share with you a few pretty items I found and to show off our beautiful surroundings.

NOTE TO SELF: next time tie hair up for photo's shot in crazy wind

~Nude button-up shirt: found at local thrift store
~My awesome antiqued bronze Owl necklace with enamel detail: from Mr. Price
~This Aztec print, high-low skirt is so lovely and flowing: from Ackermans
~Genuine Leather thong sandals: from Mr.Price

~ Oh how I have searched for an owl just like this one and there it was at Mr. Price, just waiting for me to take her home. And so I did! These photo's were taken at one of our favourite spots. It's called Sievers Point and it is such a lovely quiet place on the rocks with the most beautiful view of Walker Bay and Grotto Beach, Hermanus.


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