Thursday, May 12, 2016

Random Gifts of Love (never published!)

"Oh My Word! I just happened upon this post in my drafts folder! I thought I'd posted it ages ago. I must have been in a really bad place at the time, seeing as I clean forgot to publish this post. Well, 2 years down the line and I have transformed my situation and circumstances majorly! I just wanted to publish this post for the reason that these little gifts were just soooo cute and reading this made me realise just how thankful I really am for where I am now!" 

About a month ago I got to thinking, I have been making and sending pretty things to random strangers for the past few years. With all the blog swaps etc., so when this whole Random Acts of Kindness thing started, I thought "what about the people close to me? I've been neglecting them!" I've not been in a very good place (emotionally, financially…) for a while now. I've been forgetting important things, dates set with family, birthdays, I feel like I'm stuck in this alternate world. That's when I decided to start #randomgiftsoflove this will be aimed at my close family members, friends who are dear to me and anyone else whom I feel is in need of some love. I have already given three #randomgiftsoflove out to my little niece, Leia and her big sister Erin and my mom. #randomgiftsoflove no.4 is in the making, it was intended for someone else but it morphed into a gift for someone not known to me as yet. This is quite fun! Almost like the gifts themselves are choosing who they will go to.

-To Leia Barnard-

-To Erin Gibson- 

-To Annelie Barnard-

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