Friday, October 25, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #10

Hey Friends! It's been so long! Coming back from holiday, I was totally swamped! So Much has happened in the past 5 weeks! But I will share it all with you in future posts!

Today is my Lucky Friday Finds, feature, where I share with you awesome things, products and goodies that I find all over the place! Sometimes, I have found that you get the most awesome stuff in the most unlikely places!

I have been looking all over for a nice pair of gumboots. There are a few places who sell them in our area, but I never seem to get my size and if I do their simply to ugly. Thus, I have been searching for about three years to get the right pair. Gumboots are a necessity here in Hermanus and our surrounding areas if you like walking and spending time outside during our rainy winter season. And sometimes in the summer as well, like today and the rest of the weekend. I love the rain, the smell and the cosy atmosphere. So, with my tea brewing, I thought to quickly share my awesome gumboots with you!

 -Guess where I found them? At our local Agrimark, the last place I would have looked for printed gumboots! They were a bit expensive for gumboots so I decided to leave them and then Dave got them for me as a present! How awesome is this?! They are perfect. The day he got them for me was a sunny day so I couldn't where them. But then we had a whole week of rainy whether and I wore them every day that week! ...and I wearing them again today! Yay!-

-Aren't they just lovely? and cosy and comfy and practical... all thanks to my Dave!-

Have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend

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