Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #18

Hey, Happy Monday! We are having more Spring weather than Winter and although it lovely, I'm sad. I was so looking forward to the cold rainy weather, cosy thick scarves, pancakes(most of you probably know it as crepes) and lots of yummy hot drinks. Okay, so we've had some opportunity for all that, but if you have to get rid of layers on a winter's day in the Western Cape, that's just wrong!

I wanted to share my third ever knitting project (completed from a pattern) with you guys. I found this pattern on Ravelry and was instantly smitten! It's a free pattern called the Vite Cowl designed by Kristi Johnson. I downloaded it immediately and rummaged through my stash in search of the right yarn. 

Way at the bottom of a bag of roving my gran had given me, I came across two balls of JanPaulBarnard Handsun Merino. What makes this yarn utterly amazing is that my maiden name is Barnard and this vintage yarn was locally manufactured! Most spinners, weavers and other textile companies in our country have closed down due to the massive inexpensive imports of Chinese products, so you can just imagine how surprised I was when I googled JanPaulBarnard and they still existed. Only now, they specialise in Mohair production and weaving finished products. I then tried out my 7.5mm  Bamboo knitting needles for the first time, I did a test run to see if the needles would provide the correct gauge with this particular wool and it was perfect! I think it took about three youtube tutorial vids and a whole week to finish my Vite Cowl…

-I never thought it would be possible for me to knit this amazing yet surprisingly simple pattern-

-doesn't this handspun yarn just give the pattern so much more character? I'm so crazy about this project that when I finished it, I wanted to do another one and that never happens to me- 

What have you been up to this weekend, knit anything pretty? Please share your projects in the comments below, I'd love to know what your making!

Have an awesome Monday!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Outfit Love: Grandpa Cardi

Hey-Hey! It's Tuesday! We have been having the loveliest weather for Cape Winter…Sunny days, no wind! Okay, so it still get freezingly (I know that's not a word, but I like the sound of it) cold in the afternoons and early morning but the days are fine! For the cold creeping in, I wore one of my favourite thrifted Grandpa Cardigans…It reminds me of That 70's Show! I absolutely love the colour and texture and largeness of it! So here it is…

-ha! do you have any idea how difficult it is to take your own "jumping" photos? I felt like doing something else for a change and I love all those "jumping" photos that have been going around for the past few years…it wasn't easy-  

-stripes have been increasingly infiltrating the world of street wear style…although I fell in love with stiles more than a year ago, I've only recently found stripy shirts forsale in our local shops. I love the way you can pair them with absolutely anything! …and to feed my rose addiction of late, I added this lovely crocheted scarf with rose detail, acquired some years ago at a flea market in Hatfield, Pretoria-

You must think me crazy, as I have stories for almost every item I own. I do get quite attached to the memories behind everything I own, that's partly why I struggle with clutter in my life! I'm trying hard to let go and to de-clutter our home and my life but it is quite a daunting job and it won't happen overnight. So wish me luck on this journey…

Have an amazing Tuesday!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Outfit Love: Vintage Rose Print

It has been way to long since I stopped by here…It wasn't till my friend Natasha posted that she would be taking a blogging-break that I realised I had been on one. An involuntary one I might add. Life has been strange the past six months. Time has evaporated like warm breath in the cold Winter air. Things that were once important, now seem quite trivial. The reasons for getting out of bed in the mornings are no longer of importance… I find myself quite stuck! I need to do more with my life but there are just too many things occupying my mind at the moment, I seem to have a dark cloud overcasting my mind… If that makes any sense at all. July has come rather quick, as the past months have done. I can only hope that I can move forward this time.

Well, it is after all Outfit Love Tuesday! I would love to just quickly share my pretty dress with you…it suites the kind of ominous feeling I have quite well. Vintage colours of times and eras lost to us now.

-I never do this, but this time I actually think it works…matching two different patterns together-

-aren't these flats just too cute?-

Okay, outfit shared. Now I would like to invite you all to join me in some #oddoneowlspotting! I'm forever spotting owls wherever we go. I have been on the owl-loveing-thing for way longer than I've been on any other "love". I then thought it might be fun if you all joined me in my #oddoneowlspotting expeditions!

To join in the fun, you need to:

-follow me on instagram
-spot some owls
-post at least three times a week
-add the tag #oddoneowlspotting 

on 31 July, I will do a round-up of the best #oddoneowlspotting insta-pics and post them right here on the blog. My very favourite instagram will be awarded a small oddoneout token of appreciation, my way of saying thank you for taking the time to have some fun with me.

Good luck and here's to a wonderful July!


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