Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project a Day: #23 Removable Tea Shelf

Hello, there friends! So, I've been wanting to do this project for a while now. Living in a rented home is quite restrictive as we cannot change any fixtures. Our kitchen cupboards are built quite impractical, their deep and high but small. So what happens is everything is heaped up onto one level and you can never find anything. I then decided to make a little removable shelf that would fit perfectly inside the cupboard. Obviously I had to seek help as I don't have and wood working tools. So I went to my dad with the measurements and came home with a raw shelf made of old reclaimed wood he had lying around. I covered the shelf with self-adhesive paper and was a very happy chappy! 

 -I had to remove the existing shelf to get my shelf in and the put the original back again. it work perfectly and look so much neater-

-I simply love how it turned out, even Dave likes it-

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. This is a brilliant idea. I have that same floral contact paper, it's so pretty.

    1. thanks, Natasha, I was really struggling with space in our little kitchen. Really? Well I hope you get the perfect project for yours, I had mine just about a year and at last found the perfect use for it :)


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