Friday, November 22, 2013

Project a Day: #22 DIY Fishy Earrings

Happy Friday, Friends! I decided to make a DIY tuto of today's project as it is the quickest, easiest one there is! These earrings were inspired by Poppy's Dinosaur earrings in the movie Happy Go Lucky. We were out shopping and I spotted a plastic shop, I never pass one of these without having a browse through the entire shop. You never know what awesomeness could be hiding somewhere in plain site! Needless to say, we went into this particular one and I came across these cute toy plastic fish, just as I put them back on the shelf, I though: "these would make crazy cool earrings!" So I bought for little guys to make two pairs of earring with.

To make your very own pair of Fishy Earrings, you will need:

* a pair of cutesy plastic fish
* 2 jump rings
* 2 earring hooks
* 2 pairs of pliers
* a candle
* an old, thick needle

Step 1: Using a pair of pliers, heat up your needle over the lit candle.

Step 2: Aim the needle at the position where you want to make your hole, hold steady and push the needle through you fishy's fin.

Step 3: Using two pairs of pliers(one in each hand) to carefully open your jump ring. Hook the jump ring through the hole in your fishy, adding your earring hook, close the jump ring and you're done! 

Now repeat steps 1 through 3 for the other earring and you've got a pair :)

-aren't they cute? hope you enjoy making your own-

-Happy Friday-


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  1. These are so cool, I've never seen plastic fish like these before.


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