Friday, November 22, 2013

Project a Day: #21 Crochet Coral Necklace

Hey there, just a quick project. I came across this half finished crochet necklace when I unpacked my beads box recently. Thought it was high time I finished it, so I did. I used a simple crochet chain stitch for the beaded parts(having strung the beads onto my crochet cotton before hand). The pretty "border" part is from a crochet book Dave's mom and dad gave me quite a number of years ago called, Hekel - Die volledige handleiding vir Suid Afrika. This translates to Crochet - The complete guide for South Africa by Heidi Fuchs and Maria Natter. This book was originally publish in German. 

-it does kinda remind me of The Little Mermaid…what do you think?-

I love crochet, it's such a versatile technique! What's your favourite technique?

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