Thursday, September 22, 2011

...more about yarn bombing!

In my previous post I told you about the exiting new project that I'm going to be a part of. Yarn bombing looks like so much fun and I love working with my hands. So I was thinking, as I have never done this before, maybe a practice run is in order. What would you say about yarn bombing a special place in your direct area? I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'll probably need some help and a bit of planning but I'll keep you posted on that (pun intended, hehehe).

So anyways, I found these...

Cape Town has been yarn bombed by graphic designer Isabeau Joubert on a number of occasions. Visit her blog IsaBeauPeep to see what she's been up to.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarn Bombing Project

The Ideas Magazine is hosting a yarn bombing project for their "wool house" at the HOMEMAKERS Expo next year. There are prizes to be won and afterwards everything will be donated to Charity. I'm just a sucker for projects like this one... Let the yarn-bombing begin!

So join me if you like... Have an awesome weekend!


Friday, September 16, 2011

In loving memory...

Milo past away in the early morning hours of the 13th. She had been with us for almost 11 years. We miss her very much:)

Vicky, on the left, is still with us. She has never spent a day without Milo before and is quite lonely. She even looks sad at times. Vicky searched for Milo the whole day after she had died. We've lost pets before, but this was just terrible and so unexpected! 

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