Friday, December 16, 2011

October flash back - Rivendell Grand opening

Dave was asked to document the Grand opening of Rivendell, the new Wine Estate and function Venue on the Road to Kleinmond. Being the Photographer's wife, I was invited to join him as a guest. It was so nice of them, I thought, and when we arrived at the Venue I quickly found that Niceness was part of their service. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and staff and met the equally friendly owners, Heimo and Maria Thalhammer. The evening turned out perfect. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully prepared. The selection of wine was amazing with fruity flavours that lingered and made you want more. I really enjoyed the night. Congratulations on a successful Grand opening, Rivendell!    

October Flash back - Our 4th Anniversary

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that we got married. 6 October, four years ago and we're still going strong! We wanted to go for a quiet, romantic picnic and ended up having a bit of a crap day...  We then decided to stop somewhere next to the road and make the best of things. 

In my Picnic basket I had yummy sarmies, Bigcorn bites (Dave's favourite), dessert and bubbly with pomegranate juice and fresh Strawberries. For dessert, I tried the cake in a jar thing, but didn't have time to bake. So I made trifle in a jar. Using Mulberry jelly, Raspberry instant pudding, Romany cream cookies, white Flake and fresh Strawberries. Sound good, doesn't it? Well, it was to die for! We stuffed our faces till the sun went down. the end it turned out pretty good! We even got to see a frog and help it out of the road.
Thanx for everything, my Lovey! Can't wait for our next anniversary!


October flash back - It's my Party!

4 October, again! The years are just piling on! But it was FUN! It was my 2nd birthday living at the coast. Last year it was freezing on my birthday, so we tackled the Mountain. This year we took to the beach! Grotto Beach is the most beautiful beach in Hermanus, it is also the biggest. You could walk for hours on the white sands. On a clear day you can even see Danger Point whilst sunbathing on this beach. So off we went with yummy snacks (thanx mom & dad) and delicious Strawberry Daiquiri's! Oh, okay.... it was cold this year also. Hence the jersey's, blankets and sherry:) 

Thanx to all who helped make my day Awesome.
...and a special thanx to my Dave!  


October flash back - Checkers Living Table

It was quite fun! The shows took place during the Hermanus Whale Festival, 28 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2011. As Checkers is one of the Festival sponsors, they really the deal on the table, so to speak. It was amazing to see the work of Errol Arendz and David Tlale right in front of my eyes! These are two very talented men, playing with bold textures and flowing lines to create unique fashion statements. Checkers' ribs were good but the wine was better and what made my day was that it was prepared by Nataniel! He is one of our country's most talented entertainer, among other things. He has a way to make the crowd feel comfortable and gets them to laugh till they cry! It was awesome to experience the Living Table! It made my Whale Festival a memorable one.

PS. Thanx to David Badenhorst Photography for the amazing photos!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a new face for my blog...yay!

At last! I've been wanting to personalize my blog for quite a while now. So today I made the time and I must say I'm qiute happy!

So the next thing I have to make time for is catching up on the past two months... so much has happened and I would love to share it all with you soon:)

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