Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outfit Love: Cosy Winter

Hiya, just a quick share. My Gran has been sorting out her cupboards and sent me some of her hand knit jerseys. I'm so touched that she thought of me in this regard. Some of the items are way too big, but I'll figure something out. Like this particular one I wore as a wrap and fixed it with a statement belt. It was so warm and cosy, it felt like I was wearing a blanket!

-It's a little more blue than this image portrays it, but doesn't it just look sooooo huggable and squishy? There is a brown-orangey one too, that one is slightly bigger than this one so I'll just have to see how it fits-

-I know know by now this hairstyle is old news, I just thought, since I haven't tried it yet and felt like doing something new with my hair…I received quite a bit of complements! It goes really quick and is quite easy to do. Check out this link for instructions-

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #17

Alrighty! It's Monday and I'm dead tired! That's not such a good thing seeing as it's only the beginning of the week. We're enjoying our Winter rain although it's bluddy freezing, I love the rain! The smell, the sound, the feeling of nostalgia… The need to get cosy and stuff myself with chocolates, delicious smelling, tasting hot beverages. When Dave comes home after work and says: "I'm making pancakes!" (not to confuse you but in South Africa we refer to crepes as pancakes). Anyway, it's the best!

Today I wanted to share with you my very first T-shirt Owl Buddy prototype. I designed this lil' guy for friends of ours' baby boy. I wanted to make him something special for his room. As the theme of his room is that of the most adorable forest friends and the main friend being an aspiring wise owl… I decided to make him an owl plush toy. When Mr. Owl was done, I thought: "wow! that went seemingly painless…" so I made another one. I now have two more waiting to be finished off and I received such awesome feedback from the proud mom, that I have decided to put pen to paper and will soon have diy kits available for sale on my online shop "in the making". So please tell me what you think, would you buy a kit like this? Would you enjoy making your own Mr. Owl? I might design Lady Owl as well, I think the girls would like that.

-Mr. Owl is made with 100% reclaimed materials! Recycled T-shirts and thrifted buttons. His inner is made up of fabric and yarn scraps that I have collected over the past year ~whenever I finish a project, I would gather all the off cuts of fabric, thread, yarn and even the fluff that comes from shaving down thrifted sweaters. I chuck it all into my "scraps baggy" and when there is enough, I use it to stuff plush toys with-  

-I hope little Christiaan enjoys his new friend, I made him with a lot of love-

I'm so looking forward to your comments, thoughts and advise on this little "big" project of mine.

Hope you had an awesome Monday!



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