Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outfit Love: Cosy Winter

Hiya, just a quick share. My Gran has been sorting out her cupboards and sent me some of her hand knit jerseys. I'm so touched that she thought of me in this regard. Some of the items are way too big, but I'll figure something out. Like this particular one I wore as a wrap and fixed it with a statement belt. It was so warm and cosy, it felt like I was wearing a blanket!

-It's a little more blue than this image portrays it, but doesn't it just look sooooo huggable and squishy? There is a brown-orangey one too, that one is slightly bigger than this one so I'll just have to see how it fits-

-I know know by now this hairstyle is old news, I just thought, since I haven't tried it yet and felt like doing something new with my hair…I received quite a bit of complements! It goes really quick and is quite easy to do. Check out this link for instructions-

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday!


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