Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit Love: My Very Own

Oh my! I don't wish to complain the whole time… It's just sooo difficult when there is sooooo much to complain about. For one, I couldn't publish my Outfit Love post yesterday nor today due to some rather  irritating technical problems regarding my Mac and the internet constantly quitting for no reason. Ever since we upgrade to Mountain Lion, I experienced some misbehaviour. I really hope we don't have one of those very rare Apple viruses. As soon as I can find the time to do a system clean-up, we'll upgrade to Mavericks, hopefully that will sort our problems out.

Back to a happier, prettier topic now… You have probably all seen my HMM post on Monday, well this outfit is all about that post. About three years ago, I started to really LOVE rose prints. I searched for rose prints everywhere (locally) but couldn't find anything! Then to make matters worse, the internet and my favourite magazines were covered in roses, rose prints…roses everywhere! Everywhere but here! Eventually, I found a really nice pair of rose print jeggings at our local PnP Clothing outlet but that was it… Two years ago I found a hand sewn vintage blouse at Hospice with the most beautiful rose print, then that was it! So on my trip to Pretoria last year I hit the jackpot when I walked into Metro  (one of my favourite fabric stores). They had so many rose printed fabrics, I didn't know how to choose. The worst part was that I could only take a few pieces, as I was flying back, don't you just hate that? So I decided to take half meters of fabric so I'd have more of a variety of prints…okay, I did sneak in some large pieces as well, I just couldn't resist! The first rose print item I made was The Rose Swift dress which featured in my Outfit Love post A Rose Garden. Without further a due, here is my ultimate favourite, my very own, very first, rose printed pencil skirt! 

-Oh happiness! This skirt was such an achievement for me! My next challenge will be to actually work from a pattern, I'v never done that before. So wish me luck! The amazing thing about this skirt is how the outfits just put themselves together. It goes with so many the clothes that I have, it's the perfect game-changer! To tell you the truth, I've been so lost in "myself", not knowing who I am anymore. And as I said in another post, I find myself liking too many styles it feels I got lost somewhere in a vast forrest. Though this might seem a bit shallow, this skirt has become a symbol, a first step to finding myself again. I'm so excited! If this skirt turned out so great, I can't imagine what the future will be like-

-the cute lacey design necklace was a gift from my mom.
-my favourite polka dotty top I bought at Mr. Price years ago
-vintage leather belt is from our Animal Welfare shop

…and the rest (as they say) is history!

Hope you guys had an amazing day…


Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #14

Oh, hey! I'm so excited about today's HMM! As you might have noticed, I've been making friends with my mom's sewing machine. Though I still struggle to sew straight most of the times and that sewing machine is damn moody, I think I might be getting the hang of this. Now, this project was inspired by the beautiful piece of rose-print fabric I found in Pretoria when we were the last September. When I saw it there in the shop I just knew it was going to be a pencil skirt. It took time and a lot of courage (for me) to start this project but last Monday, I did! I worked on it during every off minute of last week and the weekend…and now it's done!

-YaY! WhooooHoooo!!!!! I cannot believe I did it! I made this and it's awesome! I've been wanting to wear rose-printed everything for more than a year now but our local clothing store never have what I want… I'm sooooo happy!-

-Okay…so it's no quite perfect, it was my first! The waist-band part isn't tapered to the curve of my middle 'cause I kinda didn't think of that. Well, okay, to tell you the truth…I didn't use a pattern. I kinda just, winged it! And it worked! Ha! (to all the sewing experts out there, go easy on me) I really enjoyed this-

-Oh, I had sewn the hem at my mom's place and when I got home I ironed the whole thing, fit it on and thought it should be shorter. So I marked where I wanted the hem to be, took it off, turned it inside-out and pinned it all around. I then ironed the hem in place, took out the pins as I went and the sewed it with what looks like a whipstitch on the inside all the while making sure that the stitches on the right side were tiny as hell. Ah! Then there's my very first "clothing" zipper… I know I did it soooo wrong, but I couldn't find my mom's zipper foot and even if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it. So I winged that too.

What do you guys think? Have you made something recently using a new skill?

I'd love to see



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outfit Love: Cloudy Greys

Oh wow! We've been having such mixed up weather, the it's hot then it's cold…rainy…sunny. Many mornings we'd wake up with it raining outside. Naturally, I would then put on warmer clothes as I get cold easily. By lunch time it's so hot that I end up taking off all my layers. This particular day was exactly like that.

-I couldn't believe my luck when I popped into the Pick 'n Pay Clothing store and found this totally dreamy bunny print shirt and in my size! I took it immediately! 
-The grey cardi is also from PnP, I bought it at the start of 2014 and have been wearing it every other day. I'm loving their clothes at the moment, it seems more inline with the style I'm into.
-My grey jeans I found at Ackermans, on sale, last year. I wear them a lot! They are just sooooo comfy.
-For the first time in ages, I found exactly the right pair of black boots. They are from Fashion Express, they just packed these babies out, so they are still available to purchase. I've been looking for excuses to wear them, everyday :P

-Above you can see the bunny print nicely, and also my statement necklace (Mr. Price). I bought the necklace on sale quite a while back but never had the right outfit to pair it with. This outfit really made friends in my cupboard over night and jumped out at me in the morning! 
-This adorable lazercut bunny brooch is from Hello Bebe, local creatives. Their accessories are vintage inspired and their packaging is just awesome!

~hope you had a lovely Tuesday~



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #13

Today has come and gone like a wink… Poor Dave had been so sick throughout Sunday night and I had to practically beg him not to go to work:( He refuses to go to the doctor too. I'd been feeding him black organic Rooibos tea and pain killers, it seems to have helped. Rooibos tea is chock full of antioxidants and I remember that when ever I had a stomach bug it helps keep you hydrated and settles the stomach. Dave must have felt really awful as he hates Rooibos tea and he drank more than two teapot full.

Needless to say, today didn't quite go like either of us had planned. I just wanted to share a quick HMM with you guys. I found this awesome image on Pinterest last week. It led me to Lebenslustiger, a really lovely blog. There I found the tutorial for the Chunky Heart Pillow. I thought "how awesome!" and immediately set out to find a crochet hook sized 25mm. No such luck! I then dug in our garage, found a dowel stick which measured 20mm and asked Dave to make me a hook using this tuto. I then dug out my rowing wool which had been stashed away for over 6 year in the hope that I would find someone to spin it for me. I couldn't wait to start my Chunky Heart! Finally, on Friday, I made the first one!

  -it's sooooo FLUFFY-

-Don't you think Dave did great job making me a 20mm Crochet Hook? For some reason, though, my heart didn't come out quite as nice as Lebenslustiger's heart. It still is pretty awesome!-

-so I made two! It goes so quick and it feels so soft and squishy… you just wanna squeeze it the whole time! I made these for our "winter bed", now all we need is a big faux-furry throw(which I've been calling a Wolfy throw, because the ones I've seen look like wolf fur)-

I simply can't wait for Winter! all the knitters and crocheters out there will know exactly what I'm talking about :)

Hope you had the besets Monday!


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