Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Outfit Love: A Rose Garden

So Tuesday just came and went! My day didn't turn out at all like I had planned. First our power was off during the early morning and it was raining… then, I totally over slept and missed my morning walk appointment with my mom. The rest of the day went by so quick, it's all kind of a blur! I did manage to get a few important things done. Then Dave was to pick me up at 5pm sharp! He had to be at Cricket practice and I had a meeting with my muso friend…non of that happened. Instead Dave came back late from work (Cricket canceled due to bad weather), my meeting was rescheduled for tomorrow and we ended up going out for drinks with colleagues. The day ended quite good, we had such a lovely time!

So now without further a due, this is what I wore today. I was so excited having finished my dress yesterday that I couldn't wait any longer to wear it. I did however think that such a short dress wasn't appropriate for a week day. Then, by just adding a skirt and changing the accessories that I had in mind to wear…I managed to dress my outfit down just enough to still be classy but a tad more casual.

-when I hung this beautiful dress up, I saw a loads of outfit possibilities form and I hadn't even tried the dress on yet. Then when I had to make the sudden wardrobe change today, I thought it would be fun to see how many outfits I can possibly make with this simple shift dress. This is then no.1 of the Rose Garden-

   -I am simply in love with this print and the fabric is amazing! If I remember correctly, it's a cotton/spandex mixture. It was easy to work with and feels great on! Did I mention that it is a knit fabric… it's really awesome! I feel like I'm almost me again. The past couple of years I have been hardly me, I was quite lost in myself. Now, I seem to be finding my way back to knowing myself, but I'm not quite there yet-

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday


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  1. That fabric is really really beautiful and that's a great outfit.


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