Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Outfit Love: Grandpa Cardi

Hey-Hey! It's Tuesday! We have been having the loveliest weather for Cape Winter…Sunny days, no wind! Okay, so it still get freezingly (I know that's not a word, but I like the sound of it) cold in the afternoons and early morning but the days are fine! For the cold creeping in, I wore one of my favourite thrifted Grandpa Cardigans…It reminds me of That 70's Show! I absolutely love the colour and texture and largeness of it! So here it is…

-ha! do you have any idea how difficult it is to take your own "jumping" photos? I felt like doing something else for a change and I love all those "jumping" photos that have been going around for the past few years…it wasn't easy-  

-stripes have been increasingly infiltrating the world of street wear style…although I fell in love with stiles more than a year ago, I've only recently found stripy shirts forsale in our local shops. I love the way you can pair them with absolutely anything! …and to feed my rose addiction of late, I added this lovely crocheted scarf with rose detail, acquired some years ago at a flea market in Hatfield, Pretoria-

You must think me crazy, as I have stories for almost every item I own. I do get quite attached to the memories behind everything I own, that's partly why I struggle with clutter in my life! I'm trying hard to let go and to de-clutter our home and my life but it is quite a daunting job and it won't happen overnight. So wish me luck on this journey…

Have an amazing Tuesday!



  1. This is a great outfit, I love the different textures and patterns. Good job on the jumping shot :)


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