Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project a Day: #12 Fillet Crochet Cowl

Wow, what a day! My Aunt Charmaine and her son Reynier are visiting with my parents from Pretoria for a few days, so I've been out and about with them. It's so wonderful to see them! They leave again on Sunday so our time together is very short.

This morning I had a few thing to do in town so of course I did my charity rounds. I found some lovely things which I will be sharing with you later. I also saw the first whale of the season! And tomorrow I'm going out on the Whale Charter with my family! Poor Dave has to be at work...I love having flexi hours! Only problem is, the last time I was on a deep sea boat I got sea-sick. I sure hope I'll be okay tomorrow, I would like to be able to enjoy it and take loads of photo's.

Okay... back to the project. Last year my aunt Leiro, gave me this awesome vintage crochet book. I've tried out a few of the patterns already. Then I found a lost skein of blue acrylic wool in a bag of thrifted goodies and thought to make a one-skein-project. Flipping through my vintage chrochet book, I came across a fillet crochet pattern chart. I started with it immediately and worked until the wool was finished. I added buttons and my cowl neck scarf was done. Easy as pie!

 -It looks quite interesting when it's on and it's such a soft acrylic too. Unfortunately, most thrifted wool don't have they're labels on anymore, so I don't know what it is if I wanted to get more-
 -What a lovely book this is. Above, you can see the chart I used was actually meant to be a bedspread. I only used a small section of the chart to make my scarf more appealing to the eye-
  -I love how it's casual and stylish at the same time. I added vintage wooden buttons which gives it a real nice touch. I hope that my shenanigans are at least a tiny bit inspiring to you and that you can see that things don't always have to be what someone said they should be-

Have a lovely Friday and then it's weekend!


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