Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A lucky find and a challenge

Oh my goodness! I do so apologize for my complete absence. My grandparents were visiting from Pretoria and I ended up playing chaperone. So for the full week I didn't even get to switch on my Mac. My parents just took my grandparents to the train station in Cape Town, where they'll be taking the train back to Pretoria. It was lovely having them here, we had them for the long weekend. I took my gran for a walk in our lovely area, unfortunately my grandad got the flue during his stay so he couldn't walk with us. Also it was my mom's 50th last week, so we had quite a crazy past ten days. 

Now I'm back! I would like to share this find with you. I was in town on business and a few minutes to burn. Off course I quickly ran into one of my favourite charity shops to have a look at what's new and there I found this bag with a massive crochet granny square blanket in it. As I was pressed for time, I didn't open it up or inspect it in any way. When I got home and opened it up to put it in the wash, this is what I found.
 -The blanket was riddled with holes. It was a bit of a bummer but it had only cost me R15(+/- $1,50) so I saw this as a challenge-

-I started Frogging (unraveling) the blanket with the intent of fixing it up. As I continued, I found that there were way more smaller holes and that simply fixing it wasn't an option. I then decided to Frog everything with holes, use the wool for something else and the blocks without holes I'll used for quick projects. I've still got quite a bit of frogging to do-

Have a lovely Wednesday


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  1. Well, at least you have the know-how to fix it! Good luck


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