Monday, June 3, 2013

Project a Day: #2 Crochet Aviator's Hat

What a mission to find cute patterns for baby boys! I had to improvise with this one. It was quite difficult to find the right sizes for babies and as I hadn't met my cousin Christa's little boy, Lucian yet, this was no easy task. I came across this(puppy dog hat pattern) pattern but I wanted to make an Aviator's hat because his baby shower theme was Little Traveler and they themselves do a lot of traveling. So I used the base of this pattern and instead of adding the ears and face, I added a little flap and sewed it up with a couple of buttons.

 -these earthy tones suited my idea of a Little Traveler. Once again, I used a mix of acrylic yarns both from my stash and thrifted-
-For the added flap I literally just added sc rows until I was happy with the length. I then folded it up and sewed it in place with these cute boyish buttons. When I was just about finished, I thought "oh, crap! this looks way too small!" I told my Cousin she can always give it to Alandra to put on one of her dolls and then I'll make Lucian a bigger one. My parents thought this was hilarious, I didn't think it funny at all! It took quite some doing to make this little hat-


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  1. That is absolutely adorable. I'd wear it if it was my size :)


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