Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project a Day: #4 Re-vamping Old Jewellery

Hiya friends, I hope you had a lovely Tuesday! Our lovely winter rain is persisting and as the weather turns from cold to freezing, I find myself wanting to crochet the whole time. This presents a problem as I have work that needs to get done! Any-hooo... I was visiting with my mom today and she keeps telling me how she's got no accessories. They're all either old, faded or broken. I told her to gather up all the jewellery that she wants to throw out and give it to me. I laid them out on the table, brainstormed a while, fetched my beading gear and started off.

 -my mom bought this necklace a while ago and loved it so much that she couldn't stop wearing it. You can see in the detail cloud above that most all of the silver plaiting has been worn off and some of the beads have lost their colour-

-I simply removed all the useable beads from the old necklace and chucked what was left. Having measured the length of the old necklace, I cut a chain and attached a lobster clasp. I then measured the middle of the chain and started adding the old bead to the new chain working from the middle outward. Then I added charms I knew my mom would love and a hint of purple to give it a fresh new look. No surprise she loves this one too!

It's really fun to re-vamp old favourite accessories and it's kind to your environment to reduce, re-use, recycle!



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