Monday, June 10, 2013

Project a Day: #9 Pom-Pom Shoe Clips

And so the new week begins... to tell you guys the truth, I really didn't feel like blogging right now. It's so cold here, I just want to sit under a blanket with a hot cup of Chai Tea and watch a movie. But here I am, blogging, for you guys. Because I looooove you :))

After my Pom-Pom making post, I got stuck on making more and ended up making these really cute shoe clips.

What you need to make the Flower Pom clips:

-two small pom-poms
-four crochet leaves
-felt in your colour of choice
-two 'clip-on-earring' clips
 -a glue gun

How to: 
  1. Gather your gear. Cut four small heart shapes out of your felt.
  2. Sew two crochet leaves to one of the felt hearts, as indicated.
  3. Cut a small slit in the middle of your second felt heart. Now take a clip, open it up and slide it through the slit just made. Just like I did on picture #3.
  4. With your glue gun, put a glue-drop on the inside of the clip(that is between the clip and the felt), press the two together for the glue to set.
  5. Glue your pom-pom on top of your felt heart with the sewn on leaves. Glue the felt heart with the clip attached, to the back of the felt heart with the pom-pom and leaves on it. As shone in picture #5. That's your Flower Pom done. (make two)

What you need to make the Blue Pom clips:

-two small pom-poms
-two 'clip-on-earring' clips
-a glue gun

How to:

6. Simply glue the clip to the pom-pom and you're set. (make two) 

 -enjoy this fun look, I did-


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  1. That's really really cute. It's so cold, but I love getting to wear my winter clothes. I finally found some red tights today and I can't wait to wear them :)


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