Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project a Day: #6 Necklace Revamp and a New Idea

Hello friends, I can't believe it's Friday already! It is really starting to scare me how fast the time is passing! Today is my friend Adrienne's birthday and we couldn't even be there to celebrate with her :( Tomorrow, my Grandparents are visiting from Pretoria. We haven't seen them for about a year now. My Gran or Ouma Pollie as we call her, is my biggest fan! I can't wait to see them again! 

Getting down to business, on Thursday I visited my mom again and continued with revamping her jewellery. She had this really ugly little necklace with tinted shell beads(disks), which she loved so much. She wore this thing so many times that all the colour came off the shell beads. When I started on it, it was so gucky on account of the tint making everything sticky. So I took the whole thing apart!

 -I don't know if you can see how the tint has come off the shell beads on this photo. I really don't like this colour combo-

 -My mom has a few strings of beads that she likes wearing in the summer so I thought to make this one to match those in length and then she can wear them all together-

 -When taking apart that old gucky necklace, I got the idea to make a whole new necklace. Using the idea of a few strings of beads together using a bell-cap at the ends and the rest kind of evolved on it's own. It was quite difficult to work and take photo's with this one. I added two chains to the part with the beads and then I added charms to the bottom chain using my long-nose-pliers and tiny O-rings. Spacing them evenly, you can add as many as you like-
  1.  Taking the second chain(which is the top of the two)...
  2. Using beading pins, I usually pack them all and then decide in what order I will place them.
  3. Now start by taking the pin with the beads on one by one, measure about the width of your index finger and...
  4. Cut using a wire cutter or the clipping part at the back of your long-nose-pliers.
  5. Now take your round-nose-pliers and roll the remaining part of the pin sticking out, into a nice little circle. Be sure to bend it closed at the bead.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all your beaded pins are done, attach to that second chain the same way  you did the charms...
...And Voila!

-There it is! I've still got one more necklace revamp to do and then my mom will have a whole new set of accessories to play with-


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