Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project a Day: Project #7 finished at last!

Hi friends, it's such a lovely Wednesday here in Hermanus. It's a bit nippy, but beautiful non the less! This month's Project a Day challenge didn't quite go the way I planned. Did you ever get so busy that you hit a complete blank? I have loads and loads of half finished projects just waiting be picked up but before I know it, I'm starting at least three NEW projects! 

Project #7  was started way back on the 7th of this month but it took much longer than I had initially thought. It must have something to do with the fact that each bobble stitch is a x4 repetition of "yarn over, pull-up yarn" this took quite some doing. I decided to keep this project close by. If ever there was a second to spare, I would crochet a few bobble stitches. So at long last it is finished and oh so cosy.  

 -what a wonderful feeling to have stuck it out and at last finished this snood-scarf-
-It so warm and funky and you can really play around with it. I must say, I'm quite in love with the snug-ness, hehe-
-In the top image, you can see that I made it quite broad and fairly long and then joined the ends to make it an infinity scarf. In the bottom image, I have wrapped it around my neck twice. This makes for a thick "wind-proof" snood.


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