Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project a Day: #3 Winter Flower Brooch

Winter is here my friends! It's been raining quite a bit and today was freezing! As I was thinking of the cold, I realized that I've never made fabric flowers with winter wovens and chunky thick fabric before. This one was a bit of an experiment to see how these fabric would work technically. It is a bit difficult to sew by hand, as the fabric becomes thicker when scrunched together and even thicker the more layers you add. Not that practical as a product for selling because of the tedious sewing work. It was also very time consuming.
 -I used scraps of fabric (thrifted), bits and bobs to add accents and I ended up using different buttons than shown in the top image. The buttons I used are also thrifted and oh so vintage-


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  1. It's gorgeous! I also have a few of the horse buttons from the first photo :)


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