Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They Came! Yay!!!

Welcome Gwen loves Harold! I've waited impatiently for you and then you arrived quicker than I expected! These beautiful handmade dolls are made by Nicky Page from Cape Town, She sells them at the Neighbourgoods Design tent at the Old biscuit mill and on her Etsy Shop . Gwen loves Harold has been in many magazines. The first time I saw one of these dolls I couldn't stop staring...they're just so beautiful!
Thank you Nicky! I really appreciate it:)

These girls are soooooo pretty, they will be very happy visiting in my shop before their new owners come to whisk them off to loving homes...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Circular Knitting is Da Bomb!

Well, a few years ago I walked into an Indian-owned wool and haberdashery shop to by wool. I cannot seem to keep my hands to my self when it comes to textures. I'm forever touching, feeling, squishing the wool and finished products in those shops and the particular scarf I was feeling that day was a knit with a difference. The Indian lady immediately told me about this circular needle and how she doesn't use any other needles. So of course I left there with a pair of circular needles that day. Now the only problem I had was that I wasn't much of a knitter and my needles ended up in one of my wool-bags. Upon moving to Hermanus I re-discovered my needles and decided to give it a try. This is my third try on these needles and I just started a new one.
 I wanted to make a simple Infinity scarf, so I cast stitches onto my needles until there was no more space left. I then turned the whole thing around and started knitting plain stitch all around and around until I felt my scarf was broad enough and then I started casting off. Worked in the loose ends and I had a scarf.
 pretty, soft, kid mohair and acrylic mix:)

I made a bunny!

A while back I bought a baggy of bear's eyes at my favourite second hand shop, Matchbox. Having never made anything resembling a bear or plush toy before, I held back on using my bear's eyes. So two weeks ago I won a bunny necklace(which I'm still waiting for) and now all I see are bunnies! Last week I had an idea hop into my head and by Thursday Bunny was made!

Bunny Blue is made from acrylic felt and vintage fabric scraps and was hand sewn stitch by stitch.  He will be waiting at my shop, to be sold for R110
Pretty Bunny:) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

awesome weekend, past...!

Friday night we visited friends in Cape Town. They have been inviting us for, like, ever! We had such a great time and lots of fun:)
Thanx Ewan and Adrienn for a great time!We had the best Sushi ever!
 Driving back on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Gordons Bay to admire the view...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fase #1: Done

David and my dad, hard at work. My dad made the pickets with recycled wood. It took quite some time as he made them one by one and then put them all together. Then began the hard work of putting them up. And not even to mention the paint work! David and I made turns painting the different coats, we still need to do one more coat on the pickets around the tree and then that's done!
Oh, it looks so yummy...and edible!
Dogboxstudio has proven to be more popular as a mobile studio (which is understandable in the photography of pets). That is why we have come to the decision to convert the studio into a little shop:)

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