Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's almost time!

Here we go! It's only 3days till Christmas and we're leaving for George in the morning. There's wrapping paper all over the house, half packed boxes and a half packed suitcase. What a crazy year this has been, everything's going wrong and at the same time, everthing's going right. As this is my last post for the year 2012, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Be safe over the holidays and on the roads and have an awesome funfilled time!

-I'm off, see you in 2013! New year, new beginnings-


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outfit Love: Colour!

The first time I walked into Matchbox, I was wearing this dress and Irma told me later that she'd thought I was a hippy:-)) Well I'm just a creative being with an intense love for textiles, colour and design. Oh and don't forget my love for everything vintage, oh and thrifting and nature and animals and... okay, so I might be kind of a bohemian. I wish I could dress like a true Gypsy, though. I'm in love with the use of textures, the hair and the sense of being free to roam where ever you wanted, aaaahhhhhh.... doesn't that just sound awesome?! Oh-right, I was actually busy doing an outfit post.

  • The plum cardigan, I got from Meltz a while back. I just love the intensity of the colour and was quite surprised to find it complements a variety of items in my closet. 
  • The tye-dyed dress I found in a boutique shop back in Pretoria it was called Blue Bells. I don't know if this shoppy is still there, it was a branch of the mother-shop, Signorina's. What a lovely shop, I used to spend hours in there. They had the most beautiful and unique handmade silver jewellery, wow!
  • My cutesie bow-pumps are from Mr. Price(L.O.V.E.)
  • The Mystic Bell around my neck, was bought at the annual gem-market in the Brooklyn Mall(also in Pretoria)
  -I do apologize for my rambling this morning, it must be the excitement talking. You see, we're moving into our new place in 11days and I just cannot wait anymore-


Getting into the Christmas spirit...

It's that time of the year! I always pick a theme for Christmas, colours, vintage, etc. So it helps to have a good source of visual inspiration and Pinterest is great for this purpose! This year I thought to revert back to the vintage yet modern "brown paper packages" tied-up with red string. Don't you just love giving presents, I can't wait to see the reactions when people open their gifts! We always go with handmade or at least personalized gifts. I would usually make the gifts and Dave would make the cards(he's awesome like that). Here's a section screen shot of my pin board, "...making Christmas..."  

-hope you're enjoying the festive season so far-
-time's running out way to fast-


Friday, December 14, 2012

Lucky Friday Finds #4

There is nothing quite like a good day out thrifting! It takes your mind to the happiest place and you forget all your troubles and cares... I feel I should warn the beginner thrifters, though, it can became somewhat addictive. Well I was out doing my rounds and thought I'd pop in to say "hi" to my sweet friend, Irma, over at The Matchbox. Yes I stayed for about two hours and no I did not leave empty-handed. I rummaged around Irma's little shop while we had tea and chatted about two hours away... just look what I found!

 -Aren't these just lovely? Can you believe I found this pretty owl, man I was lucky!
Now, I'm in two minds about these little frames. Dunno whether I should spray them a different colour or keep them in their original state. Any advice?-

Have a happy Friday

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome my Toady friend

For the past year and a half we've been hearing the strangest screeching noises outside of our lounge window. Thinking it might be the wind causing a tree branch to scratch against the window and then realizing that there is no wind and non of the plants in our front garden are anywhere near the windows... Having heard my grandmother's toad croak one night when he was hiding in her flower pot, I thought that it could just be. And I was right, our Toady friend had made an appearance once last year and then we never saw him again. So for a few nights I've been hearing those same screeching noises every night, then forgot about it. Then when David took Vicky out for her last walkies, I just heard him shouting for me to bring a flashlight. All I could get in the midst of panic was my cellphone... and there it was! On his way up the stairs for a visit, I suppose.

 -This lovely amphibian is known as the Raucous Toad-
-thanks for the visit, dear friend, come again soon-


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something oh so sweet...

Tried this really quick and easy recipe from my Pinterest board Yum-Yums. It's called cake batter fudge and it is delish! It was so good it was almost gone before I could take this photo below...

-If you would like to try it out for yourself, go to Baked from a box for the recipe and instructions. It's super easy and super yummy! Enjoy-

Ps.  Don't eat it all at once, now....


Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday Makings #3

Okay.... I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Can you believe we're standing at the end of 2012?! With only 15 days 'till Christmas, 19 days 'till we move to our new home and 21 days 'till 2013! Not to mention all the December birthdays in between... So on this Monday, the 10th of December, a cold and windy overcast day, I decided to share with you my new Pink Roses. These are painstakingly made by cutting hundreds of little pieces of fabric, melting each and every little piece and then assembling them into these lovelies. They are then sewn together by hand with beaded details to make them oh so pretty. Most of the fabric I use is sourced from local thrift- and charity stores, some of my fabric is donated by my lovely readers and now and then my fashion designer aunt would send me her off-cuts. I see potential in everything, so this heap of off-cuts just became a lovely garden of pink roses.

-amazing how this bunch of pink can brighten up one's day-


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In loving memory of our dear grandfather...

It has taken me a while to even think of writing this post. I don't really know what to say. This year has taken it's toll on many of us. Through the tears and the missing him, I'm just so thankful that his suffering is over. My dear grand-dad past away on the 10th of November after three weeks of severe pain. A few months back he had surgery to remove a melanoma from his back, the surgeon said that he got all the cancer and this was a big relief to all of us. Not long after that surgery, the cancer was back and had spread too far too quickly. 

We all miss him so much...

 -I will never forget how (even on his deathbed ) he sang old songs and told little jokes, winking at me when he got my grandmother all worked up. He liked pulling her leg just to see how she would react-

-I think of him almost every day, it's hard to accept the fact that he is gone-

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