Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I made Breakfast Cake...yum!

Okay, so by now you've probably noticed that I'm a Pinterest addict. The other day I found this recipe for Breakfast Cake and pinned it to my Yum-Yums board... and now, I've made it. It is delicious and relatively quick to make. I added fresh cream just for the fun of it!

-oh, the birdy ate my cake! I couldn't resist this plate, it has a friend(I'll show you sometime)
I snatched them up at Mr. Price Home -


Outfit Love: Minty and Trifty

There is no better way to give your wardrobe a boost than a bit of thrifty, up-cycled awesomeness! I thrifted a jean from one of out local charity stores, cut off the legs and sewed on some pretty cotton lace and now I have brand new shorts! They are so lovely and really brighten up everyday boring outfit.  

-Oh just look how pretty my OddOneOut bow looks in my hair-

  • burnout, minty, loose fit, high-low shirt - Mr.Price
  • up-cycled denim shorts - Thifted and up-cycled by me
  • pastel blue, capped-toed flats - Mr.Price
  • agate necklace - from my grand mother
  • leather sling, shoulder bag - Matchbox
  • vintage silk scarf - Hospice 

-inspiration for my shorts found on my Pinterest board for me to sew-

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit Love: Dip-dyed Purple Hair

Okay, so taking pictures of myself for the Outfit Love post is not that easy! Since Dave stopped working from home, I'm left doing a lot of things myself. This was not easy, the lighting is off and getting my little camera to focus on the right place is no picnic. I used the self timer function and then had to improvise, using furniture and accessories as a tripod. Well, I hope these images are okay-ish...

   During the holiday season, my Aunt Zelda and her family came to visit with us, here in Hermanus. My cousin, niece, brother and I, all got some purple dye in our hair. My cousin, Zandienne, helped did my hair. You can't really see the shade in these photo's, I have to ask Dave to take some professional pics of my hair in the sun ('cause that really brings out hair colour). So I will post those when I get there.

-my soft white top is from Old Khaki
-Denim shorts, thrifted and refashioned by me
-water colour printed heels from Mr.Price

     -look what Zelda and family gave me for Christmas-
-love owls-


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just a quick lazy Sunday post...

What a chilled-out day, over at my parents place sponging off their internet for the last time(I hope). We're still sorting all that stuff out, after the move. It's such a hazy, partly cloudy day with the coolest breeze, it's just lovely! Doing some net surfing and checking-in on all my favourite blogs... and pinning off course<3 p="p">
I think Dave and I will go for a long beach walk now, haven't been down to Grotto Beach in a while. I will take some pics for you and post it soon as I can.

-here's a pretty picture of my pretty lunch-
Hope you had a lovely Sunday, too<3 p="p">


Friday, January 18, 2013

Lucky Friday Finds #5

Yay, it's Friday! Gillian found all these really cool stuff at our local charity shops here in Hermanus. How amazing that one of my reader friends not only loves thrifting but loves sharing too?! I can't thank you enough, Gillian! This is such a nice package, with the vintage lampshades, fabric and buttons. I know just what to do with those cute lampshades... I have a friend who makes the most awesome lamps from vintage books, doilies and crockery. I'll post you some pictures when I get them done:)

 -Oh what a nice surprise this was-


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outfit Love: After the Rain

Don't you just love those hazy rainy days? When it seems like it's gonna pour any second but only a few drops make their way down to earth. Dave and I went for a walk around the block and this hedge made for the perfect Outfit Love photo shoot.

-It was a lovely cool but not cold kind of a day, perfect for layering-
  • loose fit lumo orange tank - Mr. Price
  • white silk collar shirt - Hospice
  • vintage SissyBoy jeans - local Charity shop
  • grey bow flats - Mr. Price

-Dave put flowers in my hair <3 i="i">top left.
When the wind blew the water droplets came a splashing down, bottom left. My lovely feathery earrings are also from Mr. Price, birdcage necklace from Skermunkil, gemstone pendant from my grandmother and you probably know my Nomilk Today ring, right-


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hi there 2013!

I'm off to a very slow blogging start. We recently moved into a new place and we're still sorting out half our stuff. So untill our internet is set -up at home, my posts will be a bit scarce. I will try my best to do as many posts as I can through all the unpacking and all the connecting of services and such...

So when we started moving our stuff from the garage of our old place, I was surprised by this little fellow (below) who almost gave me a heart attack! He came creeping and crawling in slow motion over the box I had just picked up. Like one of those arachnid-horror movies... I gave a yell, threw the box into the air and froze, as mr. spider was nowhere to be found! When I came to my rational self, I saw that it was a baby rain-spider. They're quite harmless and pretty once you take a careful look.

     -the poor thing got his foot caught in a Daddy-long-leg's web,
he didn't seem to like that at all! after taking a few snaps, I took him

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