Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit Love: Dip-dyed Purple Hair

Okay, so taking pictures of myself for the Outfit Love post is not that easy! Since Dave stopped working from home, I'm left doing a lot of things myself. This was not easy, the lighting is off and getting my little camera to focus on the right place is no picnic. I used the self timer function and then had to improvise, using furniture and accessories as a tripod. Well, I hope these images are okay-ish...

   During the holiday season, my Aunt Zelda and her family came to visit with us, here in Hermanus. My cousin, niece, brother and I, all got some purple dye in our hair. My cousin, Zandienne, helped did my hair. You can't really see the shade in these photo's, I have to ask Dave to take some professional pics of my hair in the sun ('cause that really brings out hair colour). So I will post those when I get there.

-my soft white top is from Old Khaki
-Denim shorts, thrifted and refashioned by me
-water colour printed heels from Mr.Price

     -look what Zelda and family gave me for Christmas-
-love owls-



  1. ...see what happens when your in a hurry... on my image it's suppose to say "dip-dyed" and not "dipped-dyed" :(


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