Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time for Change…and finding myself

Well, this didn't start off quite as I had planned… My Safari just quit on me for the second time since I came to sit down in front of my Mac to compose this post.

I actually started by saying… "Hiya Friends!" but now I'm lost for words. I wanted to tell you about my search for my destiny. I wanted to tell you about how I have been stuck in a meaningless limbo. Working to survive, to eat… honestly, I don't know how I ended up where I am today. In actuality I have so much to offer! Every idea, every dream… it's all just sitting under a rock. 

Somehow, some way, I need to get myself organised into getting myself out there. 

I know I have been super scarce online… I find myself preparing posts and when it comes to actually writing it, I draw a complete blank. I have registered two online shops last year but just couldn't get as far as listing my products. I have been reading a few blog series on starting a small business but when push comes to shove I totally lack the confidence.

This post was supposed to be about the lovely new blog template (from this lovely blog) I'm trying on for size and that I will be presenting crochet classes in the near future. 

I don't usually pour out my heart like this to anyone, I guess this is what happens when life hands you one too many lemons. A little over a year ago my Grandfather died of Cancer and two weeks ago my Gran landed in the hospital with an vain in her foot that just decided to burst. She lost a lot of blood but luckily she made it. She had to go back to the hospital for surgery on that vain again last week. She needs care but is too stubborn to go to a care facility… My parents are taking a lot of strain with all the arrangements and paperwork… Things haven't been easy. 

My workload has become such that I am glued to my chair behind the Mac from the moment I wake in the morning till it's time to make dinner (okay I do nibble something for lunch and have the occasional bathroom break) I feel so creatively drained that when I do get the chance to do something, I find myself to tired to. I would much rather be crocheting than blogging right now, as I have been sitting in front of this computer for 7 straight hours today. So it's a miracle that I am even sitting here at this moment. But on the other hand I find myself unable to even sit and crochet, I would rather be sleeping or watching White Collar ...and eating chocolates.

So I wake up one morning and it's 2014! I have awesome things planned for this year…CRASH! It now feels like the end of the year and I just want it to be over (the year hasn't even started yet).

I feel like getting lost in my Pinterest board …feeling grey and possibly staying lost there forever!

I'm in need of a good cup of coffee right about now, I hope you're all doing a lot better than I am.


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  1. It's terrible how life can get in the way of living sometimes. When you've done everything you have to, you don't have the energy or drive to do what you want to anymore. Just hold on friend, it will get better. And the template looks great!


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