Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bellbottoms Revisited

Ah, my favourite antique store in Pretoria. I used to go there so often, we lived a few blocks from there. Back when I was still studying, I would go on these walks in our area in Villieria (Pretoria). I walked everywhere and loved it! I would come across little thrift shops and bead shops and would find quite amazing things…

Back to Bellbottoms, then. My very first Bellbottoms post was way in the beginning, when I just started blogging and for some reason that post has become one of my most popular posts. It is an awesome little shop, parking is limited to about four spaces if you're lucky. The last time I was there (before we moved to Hermanus almost four years ago) they had two repaired Jukebox units standing there! For Sale! Wow, if only I had a house, and money back then…

So last year, we went back up to Pretoria for a little holiday. And to celebrate my 30th with friends and family(as most of then still live there), and my best friend was having her baby… who, by the way was born on my Birthday! What a gift! Wow I'm rambling! So much has happened that I haven't been able to share with you due to my crazy workload when I got back and then the Christmas holidays and then more work and then I started singing in the lounge of a 5 Star Hotel….and then! and then! and then…..!

What I want to share with you now, is my recent visit to Bellbottoms, September 2013 with two of my lovely cousins (Bernadean and Zandienne). It was their first visit there, it was awesome and afterwards we went out for sushi! It was amazing to spend time with them, I miss them so much. They kept me busy that whole day and when we went back to my godmother's place, my family had thrown me a surprise party! It was out of this world, but that's a share for another time…

-to my cousins: "thanks you two, for a wonderful and unforgettable day! I'm so proud of the ladies you have become, I miss you both terribly and love you dearly!" and to Bellbottoms: "may your doors always be open and that memories can be made for generations to come"-



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