Sunday, September 26, 2010


This "outing" happened some time in June, when we were still staying in Pretoria. Bellbottoms is one of my favourite antique shops in Pretoria! When you walk into the shop, you are greeted by a friendly shop owner, the smell of old dusty antiques and the sound of an antique Gramophone playing old records. Here you can find anything your 'antique-loving-heart' desires, from old tins to old-school sweets. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me that day, but I took some pics of my lil' package as soon as I got home that day...

Oooohhh....brown paper packages! I probably spent an hour scratching around in a big old glass jar to pick out these pretty vintage buttons. Mr. Kudu here, was part of a Coca-Cola wild animal collection. The shop owner told me that, back in the day, you got a token in the bottle-top of your buddy-coke which you then handed in at the local cafe to collect your little animal.     

It's a couple of squirrels!!! See how pretty they piece together:) These little critters came from inside a Dairy Bell ice-cream, or so I've heard...also part of a collection.   

Whoo-hoo? Little Miss Owl, was hiding in the display case at the counter, waiting just for me to sniff her out. She's such a finely painted pebble, I wonder who found this pebble and thought "you shall be an owl".

Peaches, nickerballs and milk toffees! Yum! I just love these old-school sweeties, he-he:) Half of these went straight to my tummy and the other half went to Dave's tummy.What an Awesome way to end the day.


  1. The good old "Bellbottoms" days. I could only spend so much time in that shop before I was exhausted...but what a "good little corner" that still is in the!!! Nice post my SexyFoxy!!!

  2. I recognise that fabric! :p

    Cute cute finds.

  3. Hi there, im trying to find Bellbottoms (the shop) online, do you know their web address?


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