Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outfit Love: Cloudy Greys

Oh wow! We've been having such mixed up weather, the it's hot then it's cold…rainy…sunny. Many mornings we'd wake up with it raining outside. Naturally, I would then put on warmer clothes as I get cold easily. By lunch time it's so hot that I end up taking off all my layers. This particular day was exactly like that.

-I couldn't believe my luck when I popped into the Pick 'n Pay Clothing store and found this totally dreamy bunny print shirt and in my size! I took it immediately! 
-The grey cardi is also from PnP, I bought it at the start of 2014 and have been wearing it every other day. I'm loving their clothes at the moment, it seems more inline with the style I'm into.
-My grey jeans I found at Ackermans, on sale, last year. I wear them a lot! They are just sooooo comfy.
-For the first time in ages, I found exactly the right pair of black boots. They are from Fashion Express, they just packed these babies out, so they are still available to purchase. I've been looking for excuses to wear them, everyday :P

-Above you can see the bunny print nicely, and also my statement necklace (Mr. Price). I bought the necklace on sale quite a while back but never had the right outfit to pair it with. This outfit really made friends in my cupboard over night and jumped out at me in the morning! 
-This adorable lazercut bunny brooch is from Hello Bebe, local creatives. Their accessories are vintage inspired and their packaging is just awesome!

~hope you had a lovely Tuesday~



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  1. That top is so pretty and I love the way you wear it.


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