Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #14

Oh, hey! I'm so excited about today's HMM! As you might have noticed, I've been making friends with my mom's sewing machine. Though I still struggle to sew straight most of the times and that sewing machine is damn moody, I think I might be getting the hang of this. Now, this project was inspired by the beautiful piece of rose-print fabric I found in Pretoria when we were the last September. When I saw it there in the shop I just knew it was going to be a pencil skirt. It took time and a lot of courage (for me) to start this project but last Monday, I did! I worked on it during every off minute of last week and the weekend…and now it's done!

-YaY! WhooooHoooo!!!!! I cannot believe I did it! I made this and it's awesome! I've been wanting to wear rose-printed everything for more than a year now but our local clothing store never have what I want… I'm sooooo happy!-

-Okay…so it's no quite perfect, it was my first! The waist-band part isn't tapered to the curve of my middle 'cause I kinda didn't think of that. Well, okay, to tell you the truth…I didn't use a pattern. I kinda just, winged it! And it worked! Ha! (to all the sewing experts out there, go easy on me) I really enjoyed this-

-Oh, I had sewn the hem at my mom's place and when I got home I ironed the whole thing, fit it on and thought it should be shorter. So I marked where I wanted the hem to be, took it off, turned it inside-out and pinned it all around. I then ironed the hem in place, took out the pins as I went and the sewed it with what looks like a whipstitch on the inside all the while making sure that the stitches on the right side were tiny as hell. Ah! Then there's my very first "clothing" zipper… I know I did it soooo wrong, but I couldn't find my mom's zipper foot and even if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it. So I winged that too.

What do you guys think? Have you made something recently using a new skill?

I'd love to see



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  1. It looks wonderful, it's very impressive. That fabric is beautiful.


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