Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #13

Today has come and gone like a wink… Poor Dave had been so sick throughout Sunday night and I had to practically beg him not to go to work:( He refuses to go to the doctor too. I'd been feeding him black organic Rooibos tea and pain killers, it seems to have helped. Rooibos tea is chock full of antioxidants and I remember that when ever I had a stomach bug it helps keep you hydrated and settles the stomach. Dave must have felt really awful as he hates Rooibos tea and he drank more than two teapot full.

Needless to say, today didn't quite go like either of us had planned. I just wanted to share a quick HMM with you guys. I found this awesome image on Pinterest last week. It led me to Lebenslustiger, a really lovely blog. There I found the tutorial for the Chunky Heart Pillow. I thought "how awesome!" and immediately set out to find a crochet hook sized 25mm. No such luck! I then dug in our garage, found a dowel stick which measured 20mm and asked Dave to make me a hook using this tuto. I then dug out my rowing wool which had been stashed away for over 6 year in the hope that I would find someone to spin it for me. I couldn't wait to start my Chunky Heart! Finally, on Friday, I made the first one!

  -it's sooooo FLUFFY-

-Don't you think Dave did great job making me a 20mm Crochet Hook? For some reason, though, my heart didn't come out quite as nice as Lebenslustiger's heart. It still is pretty awesome!-

-so I made two! It goes so quick and it feels so soft and squishy… you just wanna squeeze it the whole time! I made these for our "winter bed", now all we need is a big faux-furry throw(which I've been calling a Wolfy throw, because the ones I've seen look like wolf fur)-

I simply can't wait for Winter! all the knitters and crocheters out there will know exactly what I'm talking about :)

Hope you had the besets Monday!


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  1. It's so cute. I've been seeing all the fake fur throws too and they feel so soft. I just wish they weren't so expensive.


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