Friday, December 16, 2011

October flash back - Checkers Living Table

It was quite fun! The shows took place during the Hermanus Whale Festival, 28 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2011. As Checkers is one of the Festival sponsors, they really the deal on the table, so to speak. It was amazing to see the work of Errol Arendz and David Tlale right in front of my eyes! These are two very talented men, playing with bold textures and flowing lines to create unique fashion statements. Checkers' ribs were good but the wine was better and what made my day was that it was prepared by Nataniel! He is one of our country's most talented entertainer, among other things. He has a way to make the crowd feel comfortable and gets them to laugh till they cry! It was awesome to experience the Living Table! It made my Whale Festival a memorable one.

PS. Thanx to David Badenhorst Photography for the amazing photos!!! 

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