Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project a Day: #20 Crochet Project Bag

So Project #20 is not quite finished yet, it's taking quite a bit longer than I thought. Also, taking into account that I left it lying dormant for more than a month. I started on it again this past weekend and will post the final result soon, I hope. 

 -apparently this motive is also called a Sunburst Granny Square, pattern found here. I really like how this motive looks and feels-

-The bag I'm using is from when I bought the fabric for my wedding dress. It's a sturdy Hessian bag with a plastic layer on the inside. Both the purple yarns are from a previously frogged project. I can't wait to finish this project as I would love to flaunt it around town-

-There are always ways to beautify old and ugly things, you just need to think on your feet and be on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. Which is all around us, we just need to observe and take note of those ideas that often fly right past us-

-Happy Creating-

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  1. Oh, what a great idea. I should really finish some of my projects.


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