Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday Makings #4

What a lovely weekend! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine... On Friday I made the loveliest Owly doorstop. Satuday we went to the Design Indaba in Cape Town. I was so mesmerized that I clean forgot to take pictures:-( Sunday was a chilled day, we did all the little things that needed doing, had a visit from my brother Ruan, his wife Tricia, their daugters Erin and Leia and my youngest brother Andre'. A very full but woderful weekend! I almost forgot, I was busy doing a Happy Monday Makings post. Well, here it is...

 what you'll need:

~ an old interesting looking oven glove(I thrifted my from Matchbox)
~ fabric scraps
~ something heavy(I used a stone I picked up on the beach, as big as my palm)
~ fabric that matches you glove/mitten
~ matching thread
~ a big, sharp needle
~ scissors  
  1. Take your oven glove and make sure you can get your hand in all the way to the deepest part. This is important as we are going to stuff this baby and if you cannot get the stuffing in every nook and cranny, this wont work.
  2. See my glove's thumb has a tear, I stitched mine up roughly. Be sure to fix or patch any rips and tears neatly before continuing to step 5.
  3. Now tuck in your glove's thumb, this adds a little secret pocket for love notes, change or even spare keys.
  4. I know, i know... this step usually comes first. But just for interest sake and some sentiment, take a picture of any tags or labels of importance for future reference.    
5. Take your fabric scraps bit by bit and start by stuffing it as deep and firmly into the glove as you can until you only have a space left for your heavy object.

6. Wrap your heavy object in a piece of scrap fabric and place in the space mentioned above. Holding everything in place, I put my glove right way up, down on my matching fabric and traced the shape. Using your scissors, cut the shape out leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm. Cut little slits a bit more than halfway up the seam allowance right around your shape. Now fold the edge on the line you traced, tacking the seam as you go. I used crochet yarn for a visible stitch, adding to the handmade look of my glove. You can use a matching sewing thread if this doesn't suit your glove.

7. Using the same thread, sew your shape to the bottom of your glove. I sewed the two pieces together using a technique my grandmother showed me, I do not know what the stitch is called, though. You basically just insert the needle from the bottom of your shape, pull it out the top and going straight to your glove, inserting the needle from the bottom again. When you've completely sewn up your shape, end it off with a french-knot embroidery stitch. To hide the remainder of the thread, stick the needle in where you made the knot and pull it out at the furthest end you can trim off the end.

~ and there you have it! My very own Owly doorstop~
~lovely, isn't he? Happy Makings!~



  1. Oh that's so cool. Now I'm going to be looking out for a nice oven glove :)

  2. It was so quick and easy to do... hope you find a pretty one <3


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