Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love Typo

Dave and I don't get to big malls all that often, since we moved down to Hermanus. So we aren't as informed as we used to be about new shops and so on. So the other day we drove to Cape Town in search of a fridge. Our last stop was Canal Walk, the biggest mall (I think) in the Western Cape. Now, we've been there a few times but this time we found Typo! Oh I thought I was in Heaven! All the goodies that I always only see on the net was right there in that shoppy!

 -it caught my eye as we were walking by, it looked like exactly my kind of shop. so I dragged Dave in there with me and he ended up enjoying it 'almost' more than I did! Hats off to the creative brains behind the shop layout and design, I thought the type writers hanging from the ceiling was a nice awesome touch-
 -man! this place is filled with fancy and funny greeting cards, stationery, cups, name it!
if is geeky, modern or just plain awesome, they've got it.. and Owls! did I mention they have OWLS?-

 -you can also test the pens to see which ones are better suited for your personal needs...
check out this test book! I know, my hand writing isn't very good-

-not only is this the most amazing shop I've been to in ages, they have staff to match! what an awesome bunch of people... I can't wait to go back there! We went home buzzing about this place.
I joined their facebook page and browsed their online shop on Cotton On when we got home that day-

~ love ~


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