Friday, February 15, 2013

Love is all around

Yesterday morning Dave woke me with a big bush of flowers and a lovely little gift bag filled with goodies. After work, we took our picnic basket and drove to "Brekfis Baai" (it translates to: Breakfast Bay), a small isolated beach in Vermont, Hermanus. We walked the nature path down to the rocks and found a nice spot to sit. In our picnic basket I packed Marsh Mallow Sunday soda's, a Sushi platter for two and Vanilla yogurt with Turkish Delight pieces for dessert. It was a bit tricky to sit and eat sushi with chopsticks and balance the platter on the rocks, but it was delicious!

  -we had the most beautiful scenery, clouds and sunset-

- everything was so yummy, the sushi was so fresh! Thanks to Dave,
this turned out to be such a wonderful day-

-when the sun went down and we started walking back to the car, we realized that we were trapped! Swarms of Sand Fleas were coming from the plants, the sand and everywhere you look. All of them heading towards the sea. It was like we were in some kind of sci-fi movie, we had to make a run for it. These things were all over that beach, I've never ever seen something quite like this before. It was freaky and disgusting-


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