Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ostrich Egg Frittata

Okay, I know this sounds totally weird... They were selling Ostrich eggs at the Fruit&Veg in George, where my brother and his family stay. He thought "how awesome, let's try this!" or something like that... So he bought one for them and one for my parents. They brought it with then on their visit to Hermanus and told my dad that he had to make it, you can't waste food! My dad was a bit skeptic at first but when my brother and the lot left for home, he made scrambled Ostrich egg. Only there was so much that after making a full pan of scrambled egg, there was still a whole liter left. Yip, you guessed it, they gave it to us! 

 -now I've never had Ostrich egg before, needless to say I was a bit weary of the thought
of eating it... but I'd been wanting to make frittata ever since my Aunt Zelda's visit over the holidays.
she made the most delicious frittata's!

I used:
-half a liter of Ostrich egg scramble mix
-roughly chopped mushrooms
-diced bacon bits
-grated white cheddar
-parsley to garnish
pour into muffin pan (sprayed with "spray&cook") 
and then baked at a temperature of 190 degrees Celcius for about 25 minutes.

...and to my surprise, it was quite good. Dave loved it!


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