Saturday, July 2, 2011 the the army...

Oh my gosh! I've had an awful week, we moved last weekend and I'm still unpacking. Then I fell sick, again! I had just gotten over the flu a week ago and now I feel ten times worse. Anyway, this morning I couldn't get up (on account of all the meds making me sleepy), then I was awoken by a rather large package held in-front of my face. David went to the Post Office and my package had arrived!
It was the ceramic planes and army men that Angie sent me for my shop, whoohoooo! These little guys are awesome, thank you Angie! Unfortunately one man was injured in transit.  These awesome ceramics were handmade for the Toffie exhibition in March. Twenty-four different people were invited to design on top of twenty-four tables and the brief was to make something inspirational. Being among the twenty-four, this is what Angie and her husband Sean came up with.

Isn't it amazing! It's just so creative! Click on the image above to see in context.

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