Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Bunny &Bunny!

You remember the vintage bunny my friend from Matchbox lent me, right? Well, after struggling and drinking lots of coffee, I finally did it! I had to correct the pattern a few times and I must say, I wasn't so sure it was going to work. 

After cutting out all the pieces, the hard work started. I wanted my vintage replica bunny to have that same vintage feel, so I did all the sewing by hand. What a job! It took forever, but when I finally finished, I was quite amazed at the creature staring back at me.

- well hello there my old and new bunny friends! Aren't you two handsome fellas?-
My replica bunny was made especially for my friend Adrienn as a gift for her unborn. When they learned they were expecting a boy, I thought that bunny needed a bow tie rather than a flower. Doesn't he look smart? I hope he will be the cause of many joyous memories in his new home<3


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