Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love We Celebrate & Nomilk Today!

Yay, I won! I had completely forgotten about this giveaway over at We Celebrate, sponsored by Nomilk Today. I was on facebook a few weeks ago when I got a friend request from Maria Nogueira, so I checked out her profile and recognized her from her blog so I accepted the request. The next moment I got the notification on my BB, I had won the giveaway! Thanx Maria, you Rock! So, living on South Africa I'm always dreading the fact that my mail gets lost in transit, but not this time. I'm so happy to say that my parcel arrived safely and that I am now the proud owner of a Nomilk Today ring. It's so pretty and it's my favourite colours too<3
-a big thank you to We Celebrate and to Nomilk Today for all your trouble in making sure I get my lovely prize (all the way from Greece, mind you), I will probably wear it every day-



  1. That's so cool. I'm happy your package didn't get lost this time :)


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